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    Adventure Quest

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    An online web-based RPG

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    AdventureQuest (generally abbreviated as AQ by its fanbase, although sometimes referred to as Battleondue to its URL at release) is an Flash-based browser RPG that was first released in July 2002 by Artix Entertainment. The game can also be played on PC via the new Artix Game Launcher, along with other AE classics like DragonFable and MechQuest. It is Free-to-Play, although there are optional one-time fees that unlock extended content in-game referred to as "Guardianship". Furthermore, there is an in-game currency "Z-Tokens" which are available both as in-game rewards and through micro-transaction packages.


    Combat Mechanics

    AdventureQuest features classic turn-based RPG combat focused on the use of Attacks, Spells, and Items. Players can equip various Armor, Weapons, Shields, Items, and even Pets to help aid their combat modifiers and damage output. Combat with different monsters and NPCs utilizes a RPS-style Element System (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Lightning, Ice, Light, and Shadow as well as a Void Element).

    Being able to change Equipment, before attacking, to have the right combination of Elemental Damage and Resistance is critical for survival at higher levels. Guardians and X-Guardians, who pay for their account, have the option of improving their basic Armor and Weapon. Once the Player clicks to Attack with their Weapon or Spell, the turn unfolds as follows: Player Attack > Guest Attack (if present) > Pet Attack > Enemy Attack.

    Characters possess six attributes: Strength, Dexterity, Intellect, Endurance, Charisma, and Luck which affect Damage, Accuracy, Health/Magic, Pet Damage, and Critical Hit %. These attributes can be raised by going to the Skill Trainer with caps being determined by your Level. Focusing on certain stats is what generally defines your play style. Fighters focus on Strength (and use weapons like Swords and Axes), Rogues on Dexterity (and use weapons such as Spears and Bows), and Mages on Intellect (and use weapons such as Staves) while Hybrids generally mix one of the two major Damage types. You can also invest into Endurance to be considered a Tank, and those who invest in Charisma are referred to as "Beast Masters".

    Players rely on three main resources throughout combat: HP, MP, and SP. HP is the player's health, which can be improved through the Endurance Attribute. MP is the player's magic resource for casting Spells, which can be improved through the Intellect Attribute. SP is a third resource which generates every turn, and is used to fuel Skills, Guests, and Items.

    AdventureQuest keeps all the data for equipment, spells, items, and pets meticulously recorded on their forums, which are managed by moderators and users.

    Character Mechanics

    Players Characters can customize their name and facial features, as well as the ability choose between Male and Female genders. The default Race is Human, although the player can take a Sub-Race: Vampire, Werewolf, the hybrid Werepyre, or even Dracopyre (a Werepyre who has consumed a sufficient amount of dragon's blood). In addition to Racial Options, AQ also features a Class System and a Clan System.

    Class System

    Players can choose to join a number of unique class systems inspired by both classic Dungeons & Dragons (such as the Knight), anime (the Shadowslayer), and even unique classes (Dracomancer). Each Class has a Class Leader who takes on the Player as an Apprentice while they climb the 10 Levels of each Class. Each Class features at least one unique class Armor which gives you access to various Skills and Bonuses with each level. Classes are generally regarded as being specifically low level content because they do not scale to higher levels such as 135 or 150.

    Clan System

    While the game does not feature and PvP content, Players have the ability to partake in some competitive content through the Clan System. On the World Map, the Player can visit the island Paxia where they have the ability to join one of 8 Clans based on the Element System (each with unique items and Leaders) or pledge loyalty to the concept of Unity. Players who join a Clan are also able to join the corresponding Forum Groups if they wish to get more interaction with fellow players. By navigating to the Paxia Defense Force the Player can choose to Defend their Clan, Defend Unity, or Attack a certain Clan or the Unity Force.

    Unforunately, this portion of the game has been fairly ignored over the years, and a planned revival of this section of the game several years ago never manifested.

    In-Game Navigation

    Upon logging in, Players are taken to the entrance of the Town of BattleOn where they are able to access events, travel the world map, access special areas, or venture deeper into the Town. Players may also interact with the game's most iconic mascot, Twilly the Moglin (a race of small, magically gifted creatures).

    Generally speaking, content in-game is made up of Quests and Wars. During a Quest, the player usually fights back-to-back against Monsters between Full Heals while a story unfolds leading to a Boss Fight. Meanwhile, in a War, Players are required to continuously fight waves of Monsters until a certain gauge is filled before the story content continues. Additionally, from the starting area, you can also engage in Random Battles.

    AdventureQuest, like many modern games, features several in-game Holiday Events: Snugglefest (Valentine's Day), the Blarney War (St. Patrick's Day), April Fools, Grenwog (Easter), Talk Like a Pirate Day, Mogloween (Halloween), and Frostval (Christmas). The game also features various Anniversary Events, and occasionally features events inspired by upcoming Pop Culture Media releases. Players can purchase special House Decorations which give them access to previous Holiday Events.

    House System

    AdventureQuest also features a House System where players can invest Z-Tokens in Houses of Various sizes. These Houses can generate in-game resources such as Health and Magic potions, be supported by monstrous guardians, and also be decorated with special items. Not unlike homes IRL, these in-game homes accrue value in Z-Tokens on a weekly basis, and can be resold at a profit.


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