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    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jun 03, 2013

    A 2D stealth/puzzle game from PC Gamer UK writer Tom Francis. As a private detective hired by a woman accused of murder, the player infiltrates buildings by hacking or "crosslinking" electrical systems to bypass heavy security.

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    Gunpoint is a 2D stealth/puzzle game by Tom Francis (through his company Suspicious Developments). As a freelance spy, the goal is to infiltrate various high-security areas with an arsenal of high-tech spy gadgets, while avoiding security guards.

    The game was released on PC on June 3, 2013 both via Steam and directly through the developer's website.


    Crosslink in action.
    Crosslink in action.

    Gunpoint plays out as a side-scrolling platform game whereupon the goal is to break into high security buildings using a handful of gadgets. Generally speaking the goal involve stealing information by hacking computer terminals around the building before escaping via subway. Obstacles include patrolling guards, doors, cameras, alarms. Fortunately, the security systems can be rewired using the Crosslink. This allows the player to set up traps in order to disable guards or to allow you free movement throughout the building.

    Such examples of rewiring include removing a security camera from the alarm system (that would initially go off if you walk into the camera's field of view) and then rewiring the camera to the front door. Should you walk into the camera's view now, instead of sounding off the alarm it now opens the front door. Alternatively one can rewire a metal detector to a door so when a guard walks close and the player then quickly walks past the metal detector it activates the door, knocking out the security guard.

    Rewiring aside, the player character is also armed with a small number of useful gadgets; these include Projectile Trousers that can catapult him onto high places (or through windows), Sticky Gloves that aid in climbing up walls and ceilings, and a Trenchcoat that protects against fall damage. Guards can be knocked out and punched indefinitely.

    In between levels, players can upgrade skills and abilities with the money earned from the previous mission.

    The game includes a level editor, and support for sharing levels via Steam Workshop was added in an update.


    In an IGF 2012 interview with Gametrailers, Tom Francis stated that the concept began as a hacking game. "I basically tried to think of a hacking system that would let the player have a lot of freedom, and be quite creative with solutions. Come up with ideas I hadn't thought of. Almost play like a level designer who gets to decide how the level works."

    System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 2GHz dual core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • DirectX®: 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 150 MB HD space

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