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    Captain Tsubasa J: Get In The Tomorrow

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released May 03, 1995

    The first Captain Tsubasa game released on the Playstation.

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    First of all, in the pre-match formation setup, you have the option to manage your game plan and the players in your team by changing their positions or substituting players.

    Once the match starts, before the kick-off you get to set up your players by choosing from a pre-made formations or freely move your players about in the field. That simply helps to construct a quick strategy such as those used in American football games. For instance you can position your players in a line across the field or in a circle or any way possible, which will lead to comical situations.

    The game mechanics pretty much utilize the usual: pass, long pass, shoot. You can shoot from anywhere in the field or make incredible long passes. Due to the game fast-paced nature, players will always rely on button mashing to quickly transition the ball before it's been intercepted.

    Every player has a fatigue bar, when diminished it determine the player's speed, sprint rate, and his ability to perform special moves.

    The most interesting feature in the game are the special moves. They cover mostly 95% of the match. The players are either looking for open space to perform a special move or try to intercept one.

    Only certain players can perform special moves . Once done, the screen stops and shift into some animation and special effects followed by a "super" kick toward the goal in a which always result in a direct goal unless the goalkeeper manages to "counter" the "super shoot" with a "super catch". The special moves can be performed as much as possible, so it is normal to have a final score of 40-0 at the end of the match.


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