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    Ripple Island

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jan 23, 1988

    An adventure game for the NES published by Sunsoft. A boy named Kyle must rescue the princess of a kingdom where very small humans and animals peacefully co-exist.

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    Ripple Island (occasionally seen translated as "Lipple Island") is a graphic adventure game where the player interacts with the world using a series of commands, such as "pick up", "walk" or "use".

    Rather than the usual murder mystery games which were the trend at the time, Ripple Island instead adopts a fantasy storybook setting where smaller humans and friendly animals, such as raccoons and rabbits, co-exist peacefully. The kingdom is threatened by the arrival of Gerogeru, a self-styled Emperor of Darkness and giant frog, after he kidnaps the princess. Kyle, a young boy and the game's protagonist, is attempting to rescue her.

    The game was never released outside of Japan. It was, however, re-released as part of a Japan-only PS2 compilation based on Sunsoft's works. It also received a manga adaptation.


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