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    Soldiers of Anarchy

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Oct 22, 2002

    Soldiers of Anarchy is a real-time strategy game developed by Silver Style Entertainment for the PC. Players take controls of a group of survivors venturing out into the world after a deadly virus has wiped out most of Earth's population.

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    The year is 2015, a man-made virus called Spontaneous Genome Degeneration Syndrome has killed billions of people leaving the world barren, corrupt and dangerous. You emerge from an underground bunker in Kalinina military base after 10 years with no contact to the outside world, discovering groups of survivors are littered across the landscape, each community surviving soley by trading with an organization known as the Seekers Guild, they search the deserted cities for food and technology used before the plague took place, commonly referred to as the “Old Time”. Society has crumbled, and all the villages and cities are controlled by local gangs constantly fighting to increase their influence and territory.



    The main section of the game is played in 3D environments using a fully rotational camera. Almost everything in Soldiers of Anarchy is destructable.
     Player in a Tank Battle.
     Player in a Tank Battle.
    Each mission has you take on multiple objectives, some of which branch out into sub-objectives that are entirely optional and not key to the games progression. 

    Searching for weapons, ammunition, medical supplies and transport are all a very important part of the game, as you can use these items for their original purpose or as currency to trade with the Seekers for other equipment. 


    You begin with four Soldiers, but more become available as you progress through the game. Each can crouch and go prone in addition to the regular 

     Soldier in-game portrait.
     Soldier in-game portrait.

    stance. Soldiers can have their own “Unit specialities” which increase their ability to use certain items or weapons. These include:

    Medic – More efficient with healing and medical items.

    Light Weapons – Higher power and accuracy with pistols and sub-machine guns

    Heavy Weapons – Higher power and accuracy with Machine guns, Rocket launchers etc

    Sniper – Higher power and accuracy with Ranged weapons such as Sniper rifles and crossbows.

    Explosives – Able to arm and detonate explosives, defuse enemy mines.



    Vehicles include both the Ground and Air type (Cars, Tanks, Helicopters, Jets). Specific vehicles may require more than one soldier to operate fully (usually and driver and one or two gunners). They can be used for transporting soldiers or for combat, each vehicle has its own inventory to store equipment. The mounted weapons can be changed or customized, however the ammunition is finite and must be replenished just like regular weapons. 

    The Bunker   

    Between each mission you will return to your Bunker, in this area you are given the chance to improve your soldiers, upgrade vehicles, produce medical
    Alot of time will be spent between missions upgrading vehicles and your soldiers.
    Alot of time will be spent between missions upgrading vehicles and your soldiers.
    supplies and trade with Seekers. It is split up into six sections:  

    Drill Yard – This is the first screen in the bunker, here you can select which soldiers and vehicles you wish to take on your next mission.

    Tactic Room – This is where you will be briefed on the next mission and shown your game statistics.

    Stock – This is where you equip your soldiers for missions, view items and weapons in greater detail, trade equipment you already own with the Seekers for other items or weaponry.

    Garage – Ground vehicles can be repaired and customized here, mounted weapons are variable on several vehicles.

    Hangar – The garage equivalent for Air vehicles, Helicopters and Jets can be armed with different types of launchers and missles.

    Lab – You can produce medicinal items in this area as well as healing and upgrading your soldiers.   



    Soldiers of Anarchy lets you play via LAN or over the internet (using Gamespy Arcade) in a death match mode. Players wishing to play over the internet can only connect directly by IP address as there is no server browser.    

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