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    Cosmo Police Galivan II: Arrow of Justice

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jun 11, 1993

    A sci-fi brawler sequel based on the futuristic cop tokusatsu TV show Space Sheriff Gavan. The player can choose between three different fighters with varying strengths and weaknesses.

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    Cosmo Police Galivan II: Arrow of Justice is a sci-fi brawler and the follow-up to Cosmo Police Galivan for the Famicom. The player once again assumes the cybernetic cop Galivan out to clean up the streets of criminal elements. There's also the option to play as Queen Bee or Metalhawk, two other crimefighters with different stats. Unlike the first game, which had an open-world exploration elements, Galivan II is more of a straightforward brawler in the vein of Streets of Rage (complete with three policeman protagonists, one of which is a woman).

    Galivan II was developed by Cream and published by Nihon Bussan (a.k.a. Nichibutsu); the duo are best known for creating the Super F-1 Circus racing game series.


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