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    Might and Magic: Heroes VII

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Aug 29, 2015

    The new entry in the Might and Magic: Heroes franchise. Taking inspiration from Heroes of Might and Magic III and Heroes of Might and Magic V and developed by Limbic Entertainment, developers of Might and Magic X.

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    Might and Magic Heroes VII, like all Ubisoft Might and Magic Games, takes place in the fictional fantasy world of Asha. It is being developed with a lot of fan involvement through feedback taken from the game's official site. The game will launch with six factions, with two of the six being voted on by fans, while the four set-in-stone factions have already been announced by Ubisoft (Haven, Academy, Stronghold, Necropolis). The first vote, running for 30 days after the game's initial announcement, was between Sylvan (themed around elves) and Fortress (themed around dwarves). The second vote, running during the month of October, was between Inferno and Dungeon. The results of the two faction votes were Sylvan and Dungeon, thus making the final faction line-up Haven, Academy, Stronghold, Necropolis, Sylvan, and Dungeon. Just as in Heroes VI, units are structured around three tiers, "core," "elite," and "champion," where "core" and "elite" each have three different unit types and "champion" has two different unit types (up from one in Heroes VI).



    Like other Heroes games, the Haven is based around the concept of a medieval castle. Announced units include:

    Core: Crossbowman, Direwolf, Sentinel

    Elite: Cavalier, Guardian, Chaplain

    Champion: Landsknecht, Seraph


    The Academy returns after an absence in Heroes VI. Just as in Heroes V, it is based around the concept of Arabian mythology, alchemy, and general wizardry. Announced units include:

    Core: Cabir

    Elite: Djinn

    Champion: Magic Bird, Colossus


    Just as in other Heroes games, the Sylvan (or Rampart in Heroes 3) is based around the concept of a high-fantasy elvish culture, supplemented by other high-fantasy creatures such as dragons and fairies.

    Core: Hunter, Dryad, Pixie

    Elite: Blade Dancer, Druid, Moon Doe

    Champion: Green Dragon, Treant


    The Dungeon returns in a form similar to its previous incarnations in Heroes games, and is once again based around the concept of an underground lair for various "evil" creatures, such as dark elves and minotaurs.

    Core: Assassin, Troglodyte, Stalker

    Elite: Minotaur, Strider, Medusa

    Champion: Black Dragon, Cave Hydra


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