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Luigi's Mansion Arcade (known in Japan as Luigi Mansion Arcade) is a horror-comedy light-gun shooter developed by Capcom and released by Nintendo (along with Sega) for arcades (using PC-based Sega Nu 1.1 hardware) in Japan on June 18, 2015, with an overseas release shortly after.

An arcade spin-off of Nintendo's Luigi's Mansion series of action-adventure games, Luigi's Mansion Arcade is an on-rails shooter through the eyes of protagonist Luigi, as players stun and weaken ghosts with their flashlight's attached "Strobulb" and then vacuum them up (along with bonus coins) with their specialized vacuum cleaner (the Poltergust 5000).

The game features a dedicated sitdown deluxe arcade cabinet with a unique light-gun resembling the Poltergust 5000. The game includes two control types: Normal (with a top-mounted button for stunning and a trigger button for vacuuming) and Simple (where players only need to use the trigger button for both actions).


The game includes two difficulty modes: Normal and Challenge.

  • Gloomy Manor (Easy / Hard)
  • Old Clockworks (Normal / Very Hard)
  • Treacherous Mansion (Hard / Extremely Hard) - Only available in the same credit after completing the other two stages.

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