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KKnD is a post apocalyptic, RTS game released for PC in 1997. The plot is that in 2079 a nuclear war wipes out most of the planets flora and fauna.Some humans survived and lived underground, some humans weren't able to get underground but survived anyway.

The survivors who remained above the earth were subject to radiation and mutagenic viruses along with earths other animals, these are referred to in game as ‘the evolved’.KKND is set in 2141, and sees the humans emerging from their bunkers due to depleted resources, in order to re-take the surface.These are referred to as the symmetric’s in game, a reference to the fact that they aren’t mutated.

The sequel to this title introduced a third race ‘Series 9’ a race of technologically advanced robots, however in this title there are only two playable races.

Gameplay is typical of the genre, gather resources, build base – send units to attack enemy.It plays similarly to ‘Westwood studios’ Command & Conquer: Red Alert.Controlling your units is fast and easy with the use of grouping and hot keys.

Units in the game reflect the faction they belong to, symmetrics getting technologically advanced vehicles and troops, but the mutants have access to mutated animals, often with weapons bolted onto them.The factions are reasonably balanced.

In addition to normal units the game features secret, hidden ‘tech bunkers’ which a player can find, these give powerful 21st technology units to the finding player, for example, a massive ‘rail gun’ tank in one instance, and in another, a giant articulated ‘mech’ similar to those featured in ‘Mech Warrior’.

The single player campaign features FMV videos to introduce the next mission with a variety of characters giving you your orders.The focus in this game is on ‘tongue-in-cheek’ humour and the story is light hearted and amusing at times.

KKND did not receive critical acclaim at it’s release, possibly not down to the quality of the game, but simply the fact it was competing at this time with well established and acclaimed series, ‘Command & Conquer’ by Westwood Studios and Blizzard’s, ‘Warcraft’ series.


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