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    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Sep 17, 2019

    A dual-stick skateboarding sim from crea-ture Studios Inc.

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    Session is a skateboard simulation game early developed by crea-ture studios. Funding via kickstarter. Still in early development, demo available on their kickstarter page.

    Session wants to capture the essence of skateboarding with features like (mostly not yet implemented):

    • No scoring system. Just focus on finding a spot and doing so me tricks
    • Dual-stick trick system (simulation and simplified)
      • Left stick front foot
      • Right stick back foot
    • Balance system
      • Grinding
      • Manuals
    • Skate progression
      • By rinse and repeat you will improve your tricks
      • Flip faster, pop higher etc.
    • Customization
      • In-depth character and skateboard customization
    • Video editing & sharing
      • Cut and edit video's share them on social media
      • A friend can be a filmer in-game using the filmer mode
    • Open world
      • With day & night cycle
      • City hubs that will grow and evolve based on feedback from players
      • Real life skate spots
    • Online multiplayer, not much known yet

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