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    Gauntlet II

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released 1986

    This 1986 sequel added more enemies with better AI, new treasures, harder levels, and the ability for each player to choose the character they wanted.

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    Mainly being an updated version of the previous outing, Gauntlet 2 brings new traps, levels, and some new enemies for the already-known style and structure of gameplay of the last title. The player(s) will be running through maze-like levels with enemy generators, locked doors, gold, food, left-out keys, and rooms and rooms of enemies.

    The gameplay still is running through levels in a top-down view, but now players are able to choose the same character being differentiated by their colors (Blue Warrior, Red Warrior, Green Warrior, Yellow Warrior). The combat still is mainly projectile based, now added ricocheting projectiles.

    Less puzzled-oriented than Zelda, and less level grind oriented than ARPGs at the time, Gauntlet II was top-down arcade action at its best at its time.


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