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    Ridge Racer V

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Oct 26, 2000

    Launching alongside the Playstation 2, this is the 5th console entry of Namco's flagship racer. An arcade port, titled Ridge Racer V: Arcade Battle, was released in 2001 and is to date the last Ridge Racer to be released for arcades.

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    Ridge Racer V has a total of seven circuit courses, each of which are raced both forward or in reverse, during daytime, sunset, and night, and in multiple difficulties and speed classes.

    Park Town

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    Park Town is the first course you race when starting career mode. It begins/ends in a familiar part of the city from the original Ridge Racer, before taking a detour while in the tunnel, leading to all-new parts of the city never seen before Ridge Racer V.

    Over The City

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    Over The City is an extension of Park Town that is about 1.5 times in length. It adds a highway onramp section containing a series of corners that are difficult to navigate effectively.

    Sunny Beach

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    This is the classic Beginner/Intermediate course from the original Ridge Racer, just recreated for PS2 and renamed to Sunny Beach. All of the other courses in Ridge Racer V, except for the oval course, run through at least some portion of Sunny Beach.

    Outer Pass

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    The appropriately named Outer Pass is an exciting variant of Sunny Beach. While half of this course is shared with Sunny Beach, the other half leads to an alternate tunnel which opens to a wide, scenic route on a ridge, before finally merging back at the coastline.

    Bayside Line

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    Bayside Line includes most of Outer Pass, but adds a massive extension of track approaching a suspension bridge and is marked by several long, wide turns. It is the longest course in Ridge Racer V and, unlike the other courses, can only be raced during sunset or at night.

    Green Field

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    Green Field is a rehauled version of the Expert course from the original Ridge Racer; an extension of Sunny Beach. However, the extension is almost unrecognizable this time around, unlike the rest of Sunny Beach -- what used to be a treacherous construction route in Ridge Racer is now a high speed dash along wide highway roads.

    Airport Oval

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    Airport Oval is simply an oval course set underneath and around an airport. Despite being the only course in the Ridge Racer V not to share road with any of the other courses, its waterfront section sports a dramatic view where you can see part of Sunny Beach in the distance.


    (All vehicles and names of manufacturers in Ridge Racer V are fictional.)

    Standard Cars

    Duel Cars

    In addition to the standard cars, duel cars can be unlocked by winning against them in a 1-one-1 Duel race. However, a duel car will only challenge you after you enter a time trial and beat that car's respective record.

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    These cars are exceptionally powerful and may have extraordinary handling ability. There are four cars that can unlocked through duels, and these include the ''devil'' and ''angel'' cars from Ridge Racer and Ridge Racer Revolution, now named the Rivelta Crinale and Kamata Angelus.

    In addition to these cars, much later in the game, you can unlock the ability to play as Pac-Man driving a miniature car, and the four ghosts from the arcade classic, Pac-Man.

    Official Soundtrack

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    An official soundtrack CD was released containing most of the music in Ridge Racer V.

    No.ArtistTrack NameLength
    1Boom Boom SatellitesFogbound5:24
    2U (4)Hydroprism2:10
    4Mijk Van DijkNightride6:13
    6U (4)LOLO 10102:29
    7U (4)TsuiTsui5:09
    8Mijk Van DijkPower Slider5:05
    12U (4)Gammon3:03
    14Mijk Van DijkElectroglide5:00
    16KohtaSamurai Rocket4:09
    19KohtaJunx (Remixed by Mijk Van Dijk)5:13

    Race Girl/Mascot

    Ridge Racer V is the first game in the Ridge Racer franchise to not have Mascot and Race Girl Reiko Nagase represent the game in promotions and the game's pre-rendered cinematic opening. Reiko was replaced for one game with a new character Ai Fukami. Reiko returned to represent the game again with Ridge Racer 6.


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