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BZFlag is a multi-player tank battle game. It provides four game modes:

  • Capture The Flag (CTF) - A classic CTF mode where the objective is to bring the enemy flag back to base
  • Free For All (FFA) - Team-based deathmatch
  • Rabbit Chase - One player (rabbit) against everyone else (hunters), with a new rabbit chosen upon death
  • Open FFA - Like FFA, but where teams don't matter

Power-ups, called Super Flags, may be provided on maps/servers. The specific power-up is not known until picked up. Super Flags include both good and bad effects. An example of good effects include different weapon types, such as a laser or guided missile, and different or enhanced abilities, such as a smaller tank or the ability to control movement in the air. Bad effects include impaired movement and jammed radar.

The community has created a wide variety of maps for the game, ranging from simplistic layouts with classic boxes and pyramids, to detailed worlds with custom textures and objects. The map format also includes support for teleporters, which can be linked to send tanks and projectiles from one teleporter to another.


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