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    Bomberman: Party Edition

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Dec 10, 1998

    Bomberman: Party Edition was released for the Playstation more focused on the multiplayer side than single player.

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    This game was released in the Bomberman series in 2000 for the Playstation. In Europe, it was renamed to just "Bomberman".


    The gameplay is the same as other Bombmerman games where the view is set to top-down perspective where the player moves around, laying bombs to destroy soft blocks, collecting powerups and defeat the enemies ( be it monsters or from other opponents). There are two modes that are available, single play (called Normal Mode) which plays like the original Bomberman games and multiplayer (Battle Mode).

    Normal Mode

    This mode plays just like how the original bomberman played with the option to play in the original retro mode or a modern mode.

    Retro Mode

    The graphics are kept the same from the classic.

    Modern Mode

    This mode changes the graphics with a bonus cutscene for completing every 10 levels.

    The play area is 11x29 spaces with hard blocks dotted around the map. The goal is hidden in a soft block and the player must destroy every enemy and destroy each soft block to find the exit. Each level as one powerup which consists of:

    • Extra bomb - Extra bombs can be placed. Maximum number of bombs that can be carried is 10.
    • Firepower - The flame length can be extended further, maximum number of flames that can be carried is 5.
    • Speed - Speeds the player's movement.
    • Trigger Bomb - Instead of waiting for the bomb to explode, the player can trigger the bomb.
    • Wall Pass-Thru - The player can pass through walls.
    • Bomb Pass-Thru - The player can pass through bombs.
    • Flak Jacket - Gives invincibility for a small amount of time.
    • Fireman - Immune from all flames.

    (Upon collecting the powerup, the music also changes.)

    Monster types

    There are multiple enemies that the player just be aware of.

    • Ballom - Slow moving monster.
    • Onil - Slow enemy but aims towards the player.
    • Blockhead - Floats from place to place.
    • Minbow - Fast moving monster but easily beaten.
    • Ameban - Slow moving but can pass through walls.
    • Floatsam - Slow moving but can pass through walls.
    • Tiglon - Fast moving and follows where the opponent is.
    • Foton - Fast moving and will chase the player down.

    Bonus Stage

    Every 5 stages, the player gets access to a bonus stage which gives the chance for the player to take out as enemies as possible. The main advantage is that the player is invincible throughout the 30 seconds.

    This game also included a password system for continuing a previous game.

    Battle Royal Mode

    This mode holds the main bulk of the game that is compatible with the multi-tap for up to 5 players. It also brings back characters from Bomberman 2 and 3 which shows in the form of difficulty.

    Easy - Play as the original Bomberman characters with different colors with everyone on the same playing field in terms of skills.

    Normal - Play as the International Bomberman representing a different country. They can also use the Kangaroos helpers (AKA Louies) to aid them in their battle.

    • Yellow Louie - Can kick soft blocks.
    • Blue Louie - Can kick bombs like the equivalent of punching bombs.
    • Green Louie - Can dash but cannot move until it hits a wall.
    • Pink Louie - Can jump over blocks.
    • Brown Louie - Can drop a single line of bombs.

    Advanced - Play as the boss characters from Super Bomberman 4 which each character having their own special move.

    • Jet Bomber - Can charge through a straight line taking out any players that are in the way.
    • Bazooka Bomber - Shoots a line of flames tkaing players out that are in the way.
    • Great Bomber - Can become invincible after a few seconds.
    • Hammer Bomber - He can spin his mace around in a circle and if it hits any opponents, their items will scatter.
    • Lady Bomber - She has the ability to shoot a beam and if it hits an opponent, items will scatter.

    The helpers for the advanced characters are different, as instead of Louies, they get different animals.

    • Pythera - Can swallow a bomb and can spit it out as if was punched like a glove.
    • Simeon - Can pick up and drop soft blocks.
    • Drakko - Can jump and drop on enemies to drop the opponent's items.
    • Coney - Can drop line bombs and cannot be harmed from behind.
    • Dox - Can drop a soft block after a running start.

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