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    Night Watch

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    Night watch is based on the novel of the same name and was released in in 2005 and in the U.S June 29, 2006 by the developers Nival interactive. The game was build on the silent storm engine. 
    The sequel to night watch called say watch was released in 2007 made on the same engine build



    You start of the game as the main character Stas. Who was ordered as a hitman to kill a person.
    though he is no hitman he takes the job due to the fact that he needs the money to pay for his mothers medical bills. As he is about to take the shot the dark others intervene trying to kill him.

    He is being aided by vera to help fight back to survive only to find out she works the the light others.

    The fight between the night watch and day watch start.

    Originally the day and night watch was mean to hold evil in check but the leader of day watch “dar

    k others” called zavulon has found away to change the others affiliation by using electronic transmitters and plans on taking on Russia and the hole world. The Night watch “light others” now have to fight to regain balance.

    Though the storyline is a bit of a mess and don’t make a lot of sense often.

    Game play:

    the take is a turn base tactical role-playing game where your characters can shape shift if chosen, use magic sort of, use weapon/melee attacks and step in and out of “the veil”. You can control up to 4 characters in the game. There is loot but not in the sense of armour only weapons and health items like a gun, a light saber, a magical flashlight (it shoots like a gun) and an apple (health item not weapon)

    The tactical part of the game is quite shallow and the voice-acting is really bad

    but the there are lots of option for your characters in the levelling department.


    Stas : is the main character from the story. If the player chooses the shape shifter class, he can shifts

    into a dog.

    Vera : a recently recruited member of Night Watch. If the player chooses the shape shifter class she turns into a panther

    Yurik: joins the team after being rescued by Stas after being ambushed by Light Others. He comes with a 'magical' credit card (no shit) which can be used in a near bank, within the same level, for some advanced equipm

    ent. If the player chooses the shape shifter class he can turn into a wolf.

    Anna: can’t tell anything about her without being a spoiler but she does not become a playable character until you are about half way though the game where it will be revealed. She teams op with Stas to stop Zavulon's scheme.


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