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    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jun 07, 2020 is a game about building factories to automate the creation and combination of increasingly complex shapes within an infinite map.

    Short summary describing this game. last edited by Agglethorpe on 06/13/20 12:19PM View full history is a simulation strategy game developed by Tobias Springer. The goal of the game is to create production lines to construct specific shapes from raw materials, and transport mass quantities of them to a central Hub.

    Players begin with rudimentary tools to extract raw resources from a randomly-generated map and move them around on conveyor belts. Transporting certain shapes to the Hub unlocks new tools that allow more complex shapes to be generated. These tools include:

    • Splitters and tunnels, which allow more complex routing of conveyor belts
    • Cutters and stackers, which divide shapes into their sub-components or combine them together
    • Painters, which add colors to shapes
    • Color mixers, which combine primary colors into new ones

    Each level unlocks a new tool, and requires increasingly complex shapes to complete. Some shapes can be consumed to upgrade the speed of tools.

    After completing every level, the game enters a Freeplay mode, which generates random shape requirements to continue progression.


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