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    Puzzle Pirates

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Dec 08, 2003

    Puzzle Pirates is a pirate themed MMO where puzzle mechanics are used to perform actions in the game world.

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    Puzzle Pirates is Java-based MMOG where most of the activities that players participate in are represented by puzzle mini-games. Players create their own pirate avatars and are then free to join a crew and sail the high-seas pillaging other vessels controller by players or AI, purchase new clothes and weapons, purchase their own ships and create their own crew, work at or purchase their own shoppes, become governors of whole islands or gain a position of royalty within a flag (alliance of crews).


    Similar to dominoes, each player must match board pieces together, either shape or color. If the player can not do this, they must "drink" the piece. If the player drinks too many pieces, they pass out.


    Similar to Puzzle Fighter. When the player clears pieces, a sword stab pieces on the other player's side, eventually turning into it's own colored pieces. You remove pieces by stabbing the colored blocks with the colored swords that match, which come down randomly. They may be attached to the same color or a different color block, or perhaps another sword. The colors are green, red, yellow, and blue.


    Similar to Bust-a-Move, players shoot colored balls to try to keep from being overwhelmed.


    Spades, Hearts, and Texas hold 'em poker are played as they would be in real life.

    Treasure Drop

    Similar to pachinko, you drop coins, attempting to land them in high-point slots.


    A unique game, you are given four types of marbles: light (good), spicy (good), amber (neutral), and dark (bad), which can be moved between adjacent columns in directions that depend on the colors you're switching. The rightmost column is periodically consumed. If the column contains more light than dark marbles, then the column is brewed. If the column contains more dark, it is burned. The light pieces that are burned come back are burnt light pieces. They count against the brew's value.


    Similar to Pipe Dream, you mix the three primary colors (red, yellow, blue) and create different colors. You then guide these colors through the pipes to the correct flask.


    Match patterns using iron ore, wood, rope, sail cloth, and gold, and the tide raises, revealing new possibilities.


    Allows you to create swords and cannonballs. You do this by smashing pieces.


    Similar to Bilge Pumping and Treasure Haul, both featured in Puzzle Pirates, the player must rotate groups to create 3 matching tiles.


    Similar to Dr. Mario, placing four of the same color in a line destroys them, giving you a boost in your sails.

    Bilge Pumping

    Similar to Bejeweled, you rotate pieces to match and destroy them.


    The player rotates to create three similar stars in a line.


    Somewhat similar to Tetris, you fit blocks into empty spaces, trying not to overlap.


    Similar to ChuChu Rocket!, you guide 3 materials in a specific order into the cannon. The order is: gunpowder, wadding, cannonball.

    Battle Navigation

    The captains moves their ships around on a board, the actions happening simultaneously in 30 second increments, avoiding obstacles like whirlpools while trying to keep a strategic advantage over the enemy.

    Treasure Haul

    Similar to Bejeweled, but with a vertical cursor, rather than a horizontal one, like in Bilge Pumping.


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