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    Wonderland Wars

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Feb 19, 2015

    Sega brings the MOBA sub-genre to arcades, using a unique control scheme combining both joystick and touch controls (with a stylus reminiscent of a writing pen). It features a heavy storybook theme, with characters based on worldwide folk tales.

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    Wonderland Wars is a fantasy action real-time strategy game developed by Sega AM1 and released by Sega for arcades (using their PC-based Nu hardware) in Japan on February 19, 2015.

    Playing similarly to other MOBAs (such as League of Legends and Dota 2), Wonderland Wars features a distinct storybook-fantasy theme (where the setting and characters are based on classic literature and folk stories) and a unique control scheme made for arcade play (including a thumbstick controller resembling a cauldron and a touch-based stylus resembling a writing pen).

    Similar to other MOBAs, teams of players must guide lanes of minions towards enemy towers in an attempt to destroy them, followed by the enemy's base. The game is unique for its touch controls, which are primarily used for ranged attacking (through either straight or free-form lines) and performing special abilities (by throwing out "cards"). While players start with all characters unlocked, they must earn, craft, or purchase cards of different rarities. Similar to other networked arcade games at the time, Wonderland Wars supports online multiplayer and persistent player profiles (through IC cards, and the online Wonder.NET service).

    Along with the base arcade games, players can find a terminal cabinet called a "Wonderland Library". Added on April 21, 2016, this unit can be used to watch saved replays from multiple angles and save them as movie files (through a USB or smartphone). The game received numerous revisions since its release, adding new game modes, cards, stages, and characters.

    In addition to multiple books and drama CDs based on the series, as well as guest appearances from other series (such as Persona 5), the game later received a short-lived spin-off mobile game called League of Wonderland.

    Characters & Roles

    Most characters are based on main characters from folk stories or classic literature. Some of these characters are used as the base for multiple characters (such as Iron Hook and Death Hook, Shadow Alice and Little Alice, Wicked Dorothy and Dorothy Gale, and Peter the Kid and Nightmare Kid).


    Focused more on eliminating enemy minions through efficient draw shots and area-of-effect spells.


    Focused more on eliminating enemy players through high-powered straight shots and single-target spells.


    Focused more on buffing allies and obstructing enemies through spells.


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