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Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure (known in Japan as Dragon Ball: Advance Adventure) is a 2D sci-fi fantasy side-scrolling platforming/fighting game developed by Dimps and published for the Game Boy Advance in Japan (by Banpresto on November 18, 2004), North America (by Atari on June 6, 2005), and Europe (by Bandai on June 17, 2005).

Based on the Dragon Ball manga and anime series, Advanced Adventure follows kid martial artist Goku throughout his earlier adventures (including his first search for the Dragon Balls, his fight against the Red Ribbon Army, and his fight against the forces of the Demon King Piccolo).

Throughout the main story, players control Goku in two distinct segments: an action-adventure platformer (with beat-'em-up elements) and a one-on-one fighting game (used primarily for boss battles).

Along with the main Story Mode, players can play the fighting game mode separately (either versus a CPU opponent or multiplayer with a Link Cable). Although players only start with two characters for this mode (Goku and Krillin), players can unlock additional playable characters (mostly by

Character Roster

Story Mode

Versus Mode

  • Goku
  • Krillin
  • Jackie Chun (unlocked after defeating him in Story Mode)
  • Mercenary Tao (unlocked after defeating him in Story Mode, has a Cyborg variant that is unlocked after clearing Tournament Mode)
  • Gohan (unlocked after defeating him in Story Mode)
  • Tien (unlocked after defeating him in Story Mode)
  • Piccolo (unlocked after clearing Story Mode with Krillin)

Extra Mode

  • Goku
  • Krillin
  • Yamcha (unlockable)
  • Tien (unlockable)
  • Chiaotzu (unlockable)
  • Jackie Chun (unlockable)
  • Gohan (unlockable)
  • Piccolo (unlockable)
  • Mercenary Tao (unlockable)
  • Giran (unlockable)
  • Nam (unlockable)
  • Bear Thief (unlockable)
  • Oolong (unlockable, bat transformation)
  • Emperor Pilaf (unlockable, in his Pilaf Machine)
  • Shu (unlockable, in his Pilaf Machine)
  • Major Metallitron (unlockable)
  • Ninja Murasaki (unlockable)
  • Pirate Robot (unlockable)
  • General Blue (unlockable)
  • Staff Officer Black (unlockable, in Battle Jacket)
  • Spike (unlockable)
  • Tambourine (unlockable)
  • Drum (unlockable)
  • Boar Bandit (unlockable)
  • Dog Soldier (unlockable)
  • Wolf (unlockable)
  • Pilaf Machine (unlockable)
  • Drone (unlockable)
  • Ukulele (unlockable)

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