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H.R. Giger is a Swiss artist more commonly known and associated to his work on the first Alien movie, but he is an accomplished painter, sculptor and designer. His most prominent work in the video game industry was on the Dark Seed franchise, which was inspired on his works. Then there's also of course the Aliens vs Predator franchise, which naturally uses his Alien design.

Work In Movies

Since the gaming projects he was involved in are already detailed below, here's a quick look at his most prominent work in the realm of the Seventh Art:

  • Dune -- general designs and look of the movie (later discarded with the change of director)
  • Alien -- designed the Alien itself, the Eggs, the Derelict space ship and the Space Jockey, which is found inside the Derelict
  • Alien 3 -- designed the dog-like Alien bodyshape
  • Poltergeist II: The Other Side -- general designs
  • Killer Condom -- design of the Killer Condom
  • Species -- designed Sil and the Ghost Train, seen on the dream sequence
  • Batman Forever -- designed a radically different Batmobile, which ended up not being used in the movie
  • Future-Kill -- designed artwork for the movie poster
  • Tokyo: The Last Megalopolis -- creature designs
  • Prometheus -- creature designs, mostly unused

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