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Zany fun for the whole family.
Zany fun for the whole family.

We Dare will include forty fun and flirtatious mini games allowing players to set the mood of their party as enchanting, persuasive, naughty, adventurous or brainy. The mini games will have the player dancing to songs from film and radio or challenging players to perform a striptease. Players will be able to act out suggestions heard from the Wii Remote speakers and use the Wii Balance Board for gameplay based on pure body mass. With multiplayer up to four local players on the Wii and the Playstation 3.

Ubisoft's North American public relations team has said that the game is looking at a Europe only release.


We Dare was rated a 12 by European rating board PEGI. This spiked up controversy in the UK when parents started getting angry, stating that the game was not suitable for teens. Despite the public out cry, PEGI maintained the 12 rating and the game was pulled from store shelves in the UK.

PEGI decided to keep the rating for multiple reasons, claiming that the in game content had nothing warranting it an 18 despite the game being aimed at adults, according to the publisher. PEGI has stated that the public outcry was due to the commercial that was released on the internet, showing sexual innuendo, and that PEGI does not rate the game's marketing, only its gameplay.

PEGI had this to say about the rating and the game's marketing:

It clearly has led to confusion, but it was correct to give the game a 12 rating. The content of the game and the interaction that the game itself implies do not warrant a higher rating

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