About the full game being released.

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I purchased this game a few years back when it came out on Xbox One in the preview build or whatever it's called.

Now that it's actually coming out, do I have to buy it again?

Usually if you own a game digitally on the Xbox One the website will show that you own it and give you a link to Install it or purchase it as a gift. I just looked at the store page, logged in as myself where it should show me I own it and etc., however it basically looks like I don't own it and have to buy it at full price.

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You don't have to buy it again. I bought Elite Dangerous as part of game preview and now can go download Elite Dangerous Core (the full game) for free.

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Not really on topic. Other people are more qualified than myself to answer that, but I wanted to say that I really hope this game turns out well. It looked really cool when they showed it off, but of early builds, people didn't seem to think it was good, which makes sense I suppose since it was early. I tried it a little after that and turned it off right at the beginning because of the performance being a big issue. I should look into its current state. Plus, now that I have an X, maybe it's worth checking out even more? I am watching an E3 IGN video on YouTube about the game with the developers talking about it. The game is looking much better, and I'm really happy to hear that for the past two years, they've been really focusing on the story.

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I say wait 'til the game comes out and see if the issue resolves itself. If not, seems like something that could be fixed through customer service.

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#5 Posted by Zurv (1006 posts) -

i really hope the game isn't anything like what the early access game was....

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#6 Posted by glots (4294 posts) -

@zurv: I haven’t read up on all the details, but it still definitely has procedural generation and survival game elements in it. There should be more story stuff too, but it hasn’t become a tight, narrative-driven experience with handcrafted levels.

Well, at least that is what I’ve gathered from what I have read. I guess we’ll see when reviews start coming out.

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Anyone mess around with it yet? Thoughts?

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