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Confirmed Track List

  • 1997 Old Before I Die (Life Thru A Lens)
  • 1997 Angels (Life Thru A Lens)
  • 1998 Let Me Entertain You (Life Thru A Lens)
  • 1998 No Regrets (I've Been Expecting You)
  • 1999 Strong (I've Been Expecting You)
  • 1999 She's The One (I've Been Expecting You)
  • 2000 Rock DJ Sing (When You're Winning)
  • 2000 Kids Sing (When You're Winning)
  • 2000 Supreme Sing (When You're Winning)
  • 2001 Let Love Be Your Energy (Sing When You're Winning)
  • 2001 The Road To Mandalay (Sing When You're Winning)
  • 2001 Eternity (Swing When You're Winning)
  • 2001 Somethin' Stupid (Swing When You're Winning)
  • 2001 Beyond The Sea (Swing When You're Winning)
  • 2002 Mr Bojangles (Swing When You're Winning)
  • 2002 Feel (Escapology)
  • 2003 Come Undone (Escapology)
  • 2003 Something Beautiful (Escapology)
  • 2003 Sexed Up (Escapology)
  • 2004 Radio Greatest Hits
  • 2005 Tripping (Intensive Care)
  • 2005 Advertising Space (Intensive Care)
  • 2009 Bodies (Reality Killed The Video Star)
  • 2009 You Know Me (Reality Killed The Video Star)
  • 2009 Morning Sun (Reality Killed The Video Star)    

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