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    Weather Report is a supporting character in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure part 6, and the twin brother of the chapter's villain, Enrico Pucci.

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    Weather Report is a prisoner in Green Dolphin Street Prison of Florida, he lost his memories about his past and his own name, and he named himself Weather Report instead. He is the wielder of a powerful Stand known as Weather Report, same as the name he gave to himself.

    Weather Report is an extremely powerful Stand within the power to control the weather on minor or large scales. It can form small clouds around its host, create water, several types of gas, fire, and electric currents to attack foes. It can also make rains, storms, and tornados in a large area. As a humanoid Stand, Weather Report also ables to punch enemies with fists.

    After Weather Report gains his memory back, his Stand turns into the second stage known as Heavy Weather. He gains a new power which is to change the deflection rate of sunlight to awaken people's subconsciouses and make people believe they are snails. This power transmits through sunlight, so even closing eyes won't escape from the effect of this power.


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