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    Skitskurr the Weaver is a playable ranged agility hero in Dota 2 voiced by David Scully. His unique style of play would not suit any player, but mastering it is extremely rewarding. Just pray those pesky enemies don't have true vision on you.

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    Weaver is a ranged agility hero, which relies on mobility, positioning and high damage output in the mid to late game. His abilities complement his mobility and create a unique style of gameplay. "Shukuchi" provides temporary speed boost and invisibility for better positioning in a teamfight as well as extremely convenient escape mechanism, as long as his enemies don't have true vision. "The Swarm" weakens the armor of his enemies over time and his passive ability "Geminate Attack" inflicts bonus damage to his foes when it lands. Skitskurr's ultimate ability allows weaver to fool the imminent death by going back in time and continue the battle.

    Background Story

    ''Fate weaves the threads of our lives together. Fate also wields the blade that cuts them short.''
    ''Fate weaves the threads of our lives together. Fate also wields the blade that cuts them short.''

    Skitskurr is one of the master weavers of the fabric of creation itself, appointed to defend and maintain one small patch of reality. His strong claws and robust thread of time insured the fabric of creation stayed intact and had no tears in it. Skitskurr has had it with maintaining and merely observing it's masters, whilst he thrived to be one of the creators. He began to weave his own world, despite all the warnings of the elders. Day after day he greedily expanded his own realm until the Guardians came to turn the new reality into the ashes.

    The Protectors of the realms rewove the tear in the fabric without Skitskurr in it. The chains were lifted and he was finally free from all-seeing, odious Guardians. He was free to create his own worlds at the expense of new realms.

    Stats (October 27th, 2014 Patch)

    Hit Points4358911499
    Attacks / Second0.630.851.07


    "The Swarm"

    The Swarm is Weaver's first active ability that deals physical damage, affects enemies and has to be targeted. Skitskurr spews a swarm of beetles that stick to any enemy unit in their path reducing their armor over time and attacking.


    Shukuchi is Weaver's second active ability that deals magical damage, affects enemies and doesn't have to be targeted. Skitskurr moves for a short period of time at maximum speed and invisible through heroes and other units inflicting damage to enemies he passes through.

    "Geminate Attack"

    Geminate Attack is Weaver's third passive ability that affects enemy units and structures. It allows Skitskurr attack his foes twice and works extremely well with most of the DPS items with armor reduction bonuses like Desolator or critical strike chance like Daedalus.

    "Time Lapse"

    Time Lapse is Weaver's active ultimate ability that affects himself. Skitskurr goes through tear in the fabric of creation and warps to a position he was in five seconds ago. He regains his health and mana he had.


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