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    Website Integration

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    When games ship with website integration. These sites can be used for viewing user-uploaded gameplay videos, stat tracking, and browsing user-generated content.

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    This feature's beginnings stemmed from dedicated servers for PC FPS and RTS games that had fully-featured leaderboards that tracked stats such as win ratios, frags, time played, rounds won, etc. Although this was strictly speaking not a feature implemented by these games' developers, it birthed a trend of developers offering stat-tracking support for their games, such as in the Halo games. Other developers also focused on other aspects of website integration, such as enabling players to upload gameplay videos to their sites (sometimes to video hosting sites such as Youtube) for sharing with friends. 
    Media Molecule's Little Big Planet 2 received plaudits for its adroit website integration via its user generated content portal, LBP.ME. It allows users to apply filters to organize the wealth of user created levels. Logging onto the website with their PSN ID facilitates the creation of a level queue that is available for the player when she next plays the game.


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