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Wedding Dash is a strategy management game, created by PlayFirst. In Wedding Dash, players rush around delivering food to guests and keep everything running smoothly. Being a spin-off of the Diner Dash series, the main character of the Diner Dash series, Flo, makes quite a few appearances in Wedding Dash. She'll even show up to some weddings to help out.


The game starts off with the main character, Quinn, standing next to her friend who is trying on a wedding dress. Quinn is one of the bridesmaids and is helping her friend out. Suddenly, the bride receives a phone call that tells her the that many aspects of her wedding are falling apart. Quinn tells her friend that everything will be alright, and her friend says that Quinn is her answer, and that she should plan the wedding. And thus starts Quinn's wedding planning career.


Use hints given in the letter to choose the best option in the following page.
Use hints given in the letter to choose the best option in the following page.

There are five layers of levels in Wedding Dash. These levels are displayed in cake form before players choose to start on weddings. For example, there are twelve levels in the first layer of the cake. Then players move on to a new location and more of everything will be presented. More guests, more disasters and more extras.


At the beginning of each wedding, players read a note from the bride and groom, hinting what sort of food, flowers, honeymoon spots, as well as other things, they want for their wedding. It's not essential to get correct, it's basically some easy starter cash before each reception.


The reception is where players actually play the game. Players must seat the guests, take their gifts to the newlyweds and as well as feed them appetizers, a main dish, and finally cake. This must all be done while taking care of any mishaps that may occur, and comply with where the guests want to sit. A money goal must be achieved before moving on to the next level. There's also an expert goal that can be achieved.


If players do things multiple times in a row, a chain is created. For example, if players place three guests in a row, each time after the first, more money is maid than usual. The first guest might give twenty, the second forty and the fifth sixty. This applies to everything, as long as it's the same action. If players place two guests, then take their gifts, then place two more, it won't start from the previous placing, it will reset.


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There are some random problems that will occur during receptions. Only Quinn can fix these problems and a symbol will appear indicating that players need to click it to send her over, and solve whatever may be happening. More of them appear throughout the game, and Quinn hints at them at the start of the reception. Players lose a large amount of money if the problem exists for too long, so the symbols should be clicked right away.

  • Brawling Bridesmaids - Two bridesmaids appear near the DJ's booth who are in a bit of a cat fight. Send Quinn over immediately to solve.
  • Choked-Up Aunt - Aunt Ethel can sometimes burst into tears. The thought of weddings just makes her so happy.
  • Beehive - Bees may appear in a swarm. They obviously weren't invited, so have Quinn shoo them off.
  • Cooking Catastrophe - The Chef's cooking setup may go on the fritz.
  • Disruptive Dog - A dog belonging to one of the guests occasionally appears at the top left of the screen.
  • Bad Leg - The table charged with the significant job of holding the cake, is a little broken.
  • Cut Off - Uncle Ernie can get a bit rowdy after a few drinks.
  • Messed Music The DJ's table might get messed up sometimes.

Guest Types

Each guest has a different personality. There are only so many though, and players will often end up with many of the same guest at once. Some guests are more patient than others. Some are more charismatic. Players will be told about each guest before they're introduced at the start of the reception. So if there is a new guest type, Quinn will mention them, so players know what they're like before they are seated.

Every guest will have a thought bubble over their head when they enter the reception. This will tell players where they want, or do not want to go. If dealt with effectively, players will be awarded a seating bonus.

Also, each guest has three varying qualities, depending on who they are:

  • Charisma - If they are charismatic, other guests will want to sit by them, if not, guests might come in asking not to sit by them.
  • Eating Pace - How quickly a guest eats their food. Some scarf it all down, and some take their time.
  • Patience - Guests with high patience don't need to be taken care of as quickly, they don't mind waiting as much, but some guests get irritated very quickly.

List of the game's guests:

  • Uncle Al - Al is a pretty average guest. Decently patient and charismatic. Average eating speed as well
  • Alison - Another pretty average guest.
  • Dereck - The last of the average guests.
  • Chloe - Chloe is extremely charismatic but her patience and eating speeds are average.
  • Diane - Really patient, but a slow eater. Charisma is average.
  • Auntie Ethel - Pretty average in the three areas, but she can randomly burst into tears.
  • Bob - Bob likes to eat his food really quickly so he can get to the dance floor. Otherwise he's pretty average.
  • Uncle Ernie - Similar to Auntie Ethel, Ernie has his moments. Occasionally he can let the drinks get a hold of him. He's not very patient and eats a little quicker than most, and his charisma is lower than others, because of his drunkenness.
  • Betty - Betty is very talkative, which annoys most of the other guests. Her charisma is lower because of this. Her patience is also low and her eating pace is normal.
  • Chuck - Chuck is very short on patience, and not many guests want to sit next to him, but he eats a normal speed.


Throughout the game, there will be extra things the player can do to help beat the mad rush. Some are random, while others are brought by Quinn.

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Bonuses - During certain points in the game, players will be asked which bonus they want for the rest of the tier of levels. These vary from making your waitress faster, to making the guests more patient, or making food worth more.

Champagne - Quinn sometimes brings in some bottles of champagne to pop. Players will start off with one to three bottles, once players get far enough, and each time one is popped, it makes the guests waiting to be seated patient again. So if their thought bubbles were becoming more hostile, this will reduce it temporarily.

Confetti Blaster - The confetti blaster is like the champagne, of the seated guests. It reduces their anger if they've been waiting long, but players can only use this when the red sphere on it flashes green. Other than letting it charge up, it has unlimited uses.

Changing Seats - Sometimes a guest may wish to change seats, so they can sit next to someone else. This happens sometimes when players place a guest next to another, when they had requested a certain one. This doesn't break the chain if players have one going to change seats.

Song Change - Like changing seats, some guests will bring music to give to the DJ. This provides a large reward, and it doesn't break the chain, so it should be done whenever possible.

Wine - Yet another item for the waitress to serve. Random like the changing music, guests will sometimes want some wine. Players get a large amount of money for doing it and it does not break the chain.


Career Mode

In Career Mode, players basically play through the story. Keep the guests and newlyweds happy, and stop disasters while still trying to reach the ever growing goal.

Endless Reception

Except for the initial planning which no longer happens, everything else is the same. During this mode, players are trying to keep everyone happy, and the game will only end, if the bride becomes bridezilla.

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