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Wein's clean cut good looks and shining white armour mark him as Dragon Force's quintessential noble hero and central character. As a further sign of his importance, Wein is inducted into the Dragon Force by the Goddess Astea herself, while the other members are usually recruited by Astea's servant Frest.

Despite this, Wein is one of the game's least powerful monarchs, being physically weaker than all the others, bar the magic users Teiris and Reinhart, and having only average magic at his disposal.

His repetoire of attacks consists of Sonic Boom, Hyper Storm and Sword Rush.

Wein's Army

Wein's initial force boasts solid variety and some excellent generals, although none are particularly out of the ordinary.

GALAM - A very serious-minded man whose family has served Highland for generations. Despite his rigid nature, he is highly respected by his troops. Galam is an excellent knight with high overall ability.

RUDGER - While he may not appear to take things seriously, Rudger's swordsmanship, which he learned alongside Karhaz of Fandaria, is first rate. He is arguably the game's best fighter, with solid all-round stats and an unusually fast sword swing. He can switch from use of soldiers to monks, which can come in handy in dealing with the numerous cavalry that Highland faces early on.

LINK - A dedicated young swordsman who looks up to Wein as something like an older brother. He is unfortunately, a rather sub-par fighter with little going for him besides the Fighter's standard sonic skillset.

NINA - A young priest enlisted by Wein for her healing prowess. She can resurrect troops and use the devastating Hold Shield skill, but her command is somewhat on the low side and she starts with few troops.

Storyline enemies

Wein has more early storyline encounters than any other monarch, as most only face one specific rival force. Many of these enemies aren't particularly powerful, though it is recommended to return to one of your own castles after capturing Ogredd and Lone, rather than pressing on to Travan without refreshing your troops.

HILGA & ROCK - A pair of rebel thieves who seek to overthrow Borgon, the corrupt lord of Travan. While their abilities do help further diversify Wein's forces, they are 2 of the game's weakest generals, and are inferior to most generic thieves.

HIKKIS - A former member of the Flash Knights who left and became a bandit overall his dislike of Borgon. He is quite a weak knight, but can be useful near the game's beginning.

BORGON - The decadent lord of Travan, he lives in luxury at the expense of his subjects' suffering. He is guarded by the elite knight corps, the Flash Knights.

OGREDD - An honorable knight who is torn between his loyalty to his lord Borgon, and his concern for Travan's people and his personal sense of Justice. He is an excellent overall knight, though perhaps not as strong as Galam, and becomes loyal following his defeat.

LONE - The Flash Knights second-in-command, a straight-forward young man who is loyal to Ogredd. Not as capable as his superior, or Galam, but still a decent general.

FALIEL & DIABLO - A pair of fierce-looking knights who remain loyal to Borgon. They always die upon defeat, making them un-recruitable by Wein, however, they can be acquired in some others characters scenarios.

Story mode

Wein seems designed to function as the ideal beginner's choice, given his troops, position on the map and some tutorial-like advice that only he receives at the game's beginning. However, the battle against the local threat Borgon can be trying for a novice player.

Upon reaching Palemoon, Wein will find himself allied with the local kingdom without having to subdue them first.


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