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    Welkin Gunther

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    Welkin Gunther is the protagonist in Valkyria Chronicles and an unlockable character in Valkyria Chronicles II. He is the son of General Belgen Gunther, a great war hero, and he is the Lieutenant of the Principality of Gallia's Squad 7.

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    Valkyria Chronicles

    Welkin Gunther is Lieutenant and Commander of Gallia's militia Squad 7, and the son of First Europan War-veteran General Belgen Gunther. Welkin's main weapon is a beastly tank, called the "Edelweiss", which his father left for him. Welkin was called up to join the force after the Imperial Forces invaded the Gallian border town of Bruhl in 1935 EC. Outside of the armed forces, Welkin was a Animal Sociology major while he was attending University. He simply loves nature and the characteristic patterns of everything around him. As a result of his curiosity, Welkin is very blissful and carefree. Yet no matter how oblivious he is, he cares very much about his squad and will do anything to protect their lives.

    Valkyria Chronicles 2

    Welkin occasionally delivers bread from Alicia's bakery to the general store on campus. From there, Avan Hardence can learn new orders in exchange for experience points. After a certain point in the end game content Welkin and some other squad 7 members become playable characters.


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