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Westerado: short and fun, and highly recommended. 0

Warning: Some spoilers below.The game starts you off with helping your brother wrangle some buffalo into the pen. One of the buffalo gets loose of the pen, so you run off to catch it. Upon returning, the ranch is up in flames. Your mother is dead, and your brother is dying. After some final words with your brother (whom gives you your first clue on what the murderer looked like), you are given free roam.From here, you're free to do as you please. Help somebody out, or just shoot them. It's your ...

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Video Review - Westerado: Double Barreled 0

Like a...cucumber drenched in Wasabi, Westerado from the Ostrich Banditos is cool, but harsh. What makes the game cool is the backdrop of the american west, which is realized in all of its 8-bit, slightly overused glory and the music which really sets the mood for you to play out all of your Sergio Leone fantasies. Things take a turn when you fail your first quest and discover you can't retry it. You just have to live with the consequences. For more, check out the VIDEO REVIEW. ...

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