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    Westhill is a fictional circuit in Live for Speed, set in the West England farming area.

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    Added to Live for Speed during the S2 version's debut, Westhill suits the faster S2 cars extremely well. Set in a wide-open farming area in England, only track facilities, trees, and rolling hills can be seen at any distance. The track itself mimics these rolling hills, with almost every turn featuring sweeping elevation changes.

    Westhill is a relatively popular track with online users, currently holding the 6th highest amount of laps run around its circuit.


    Westhill is unusual in comparison to other Live for Speed circuits in that it only has one configuration -- the International layout.


    • Distance: 3.2 miles / 5.2 km
    • Grid Size: 32 cars
    • Laptime Range: 1:10 - 2:21

    Westhill's layout is tremendously fast, and demands a focus on smooth driving so as not to scrub off too much speed. A good set of nerves also helps with faster cars, as many turns are deceptively faster than they look. The two chicanes are also relatively quick, and require drivers to know when to back off and tuck behind a competitor. The final turn is a tricky hairpin, and considering the long front straightaway it exits onto, keeping car speed up is absolutely crucial in order to perform well at Westhill.

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