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One night (can't) stand

I played this game obsessively for 2 days then deleted it in disgust.

The only reason this game even came on my radar is because of the Bethesda lawsuit over this game's similarity to Fallout Shelter; I haven't played Fallout shelter since the week it came out; while I had pretty much the same reaction to both games, they are nothing alike.

Westworld is a very busy game, there is always something to do, always something leveling up, some new quest, it's quite intoxicating until the phone battery dies; which doesn't take long, my phone battery regularly lasts 12-24 hours depending on how much I'm using it, this game takes my phone from 100% to dead in 45 minutes, this game isn't graphically intense, there doesn't seem to be any good reason for it to be such a hog.

It also takes a really long time to load up, a mobile game needs to be happening within a few seconds this game seems like it takes forever to boot up.

The one thing that really grabbed me was the fact that there seems to be an ongoing story in this game which is unusual for this type of game, the amount of grinding required to see the story through is not worth it in my opinion.

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