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The game was originally titled Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! 2: Time To Tighten Up Security, in keeping with the original title of the first game, but lawsuits over the use of the name Badman forced the name of this and the previous game to be changed. The gameplay is very similar to that of  What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord? where the player assumes the role of the god of destruction and the primary interaction with the dungeon and its inhabitants is through a pick axe. 

New Features

My Lord 2 boasts playing areas four times larger, over three times as many monsters to fill your dungeon with, and over twice as many heroes to challenge your dungeon building skills. My Lord 2 adds a new interaction, Dungeonquake, which stuns heroes, destroys the items they leave behind, and interrupts monster evolutions. In the new Hero Rush stages heroes will flood into the player's dungeon.
Extra information makes dungeon management easier
Extra information makes dungeon management easier
Many changes were introduced to help make the game accessible to new players. Players may now save at any level in the story and much more information is displayed on screen during gameplay including a ratio of monster types, a picture-in-picture display of important events, dialog from the heroes, and announcement of important dungeon changes. There is also an extensive tutorial mode which attempts to help the player master the deep gameplay mechanics. The new Badman's Chamber mode allows the player to build a dungeon without the threat of heroes allowing experimentation with the monster ecosystem and observation of monster mutations.

 Explanation of mutations
 Explanation of mutations
Many new modifications to the food chain were introduced through evolution of monster types depending on the environment of the dungeon. If the food source for a monster breed is scarce, they may evolve into a giant breed, otherwise, an abundance of predators may cause the evolution of abnormal breeds. Many evolution options are available for each of the monsters. For instance: a Slimemoss may evolve into a Giant Slimemoss, a Paraslimemoss, or a Sticky Amoeba, depending on the dungeon ecosystem.

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