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    What the Golf?

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Oct 01, 2019

    A comedic golf game where surreal things happen.

    riostarwind's WHAT THE GOLF? (PC) review

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    Testing the limits of what golf is makes this little game a fun ride all the way to the end

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    I remember watching the quick look of this and thinking that it looked fun and that I would play it someday. That day has arrived. As the title implies this is a game all about golf. Well at least a very loose interpretation of golf. Does the ball hit the flag? YOU WIN! If you will actually be using a golf ball to do that is up for debate.

    While this game does have a loose storyline it doesn’t go further than the world ending consequences of everything becoming golf. Thus this is all about the gameplay. The base aspect always comes down to aiming your shot and then choosing the power level of it. Just like almost every other golf game. Yet the many variations on that make this a very enjoyable time.

    From the very beginning this game lets you know what it’s about. Golf ball hit flag. Astroturf hit flag. Human? Hit flag. Each object also has different physics too. Leads to you having to learn what you can do and can’t do with it during the first attempt. Not knowing what you might have to do next is the fun part.

    Each level also has two extra objectives to challenge you in some way. I wasn’t expecting 100% this game but I really wanted to ace everything from the very beginning. That did lead to a few frustrating extra objectives that didn’t seem worth the effort. For example the Super Hot parody levels don’t quite work that well since this isn’t a game about being 100% accurate.

    Since I just mentioned it, yes this is a game that references other games. Each level has a different theme and for the most part they are pretty generic like your on a beach. But quite a few are direct parodies using the mechanics of What the Golf and putting them in a known property. Which just adds on to the craziness this game is going for.

    Overall this game was just a crazy ride that I didn’t want to stop playing till I putted by way through the credits. If your just in a mood to see a bunch of silly ideas get put into a dumb video game this is the one to play. It is absolutely worth playing.

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