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    Wheel of Fortune: Big Money

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Oct 16, 2012

    THQ brings one of America's favorite game shows back to consoles in 2012 for PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U.

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    Wheel of Fortune is a game show game developed by Pipeworks Software and published by THQ for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii U platforms.

    Wheel of Fortune is based on the long running puzzle based TV game show starring Pat Sajak and Vanna White.


    An Example of One of the Games Many Puzzles
    An Example of One of the Games Many Puzzles

    Wheel of Fortune plays like its TV show counterpart. Players take turns spinning the giant wheel which contains multiple wedges. These wedges contain different dollar amounts or other prizes/pitfalls.

    Once a player as spun the wheel, if it has landed on a dollar amount (or prize) a consonant is chosen. For every one of those consonant letters that is in the puzzle, they will be revealed and the player will receive the dollar amount shown on the spinner (or the prize will be awarded).

    If the player chooses to do so, instead of spinning the big wheel a player can choose to spend some of the money acquired to buy a vowel letter. Each of the vowel letters that the player chose will be revealed and the player then continues their turn.

    Wedge Types

    The Wheel, Full of Wedges
    The Wheel, Full of Wedges

    There are various items that can be landed on while playing Wheel of Fortune:

    • Dollar Amounts - There are various dollar amounts listed on most of the wedges.
    • Wild Card - The wild card wedge can be used in any round to call out another consonant in the same turn, or can be used at the bonus round to choose an extra letter.
    • Free Play - The free play wedge can be used in three different ways; the player can try and solve the puzzle and if wrong will not lose their turn, the player can call out a vowel to be revealed in the puzzle without using any money, or the player can call out a consonant, if that letter is in the puzzle then $500 will be awarded for each and if there is none then the player goes again.
    • Jackpot - The jackpot wedge starts out on the wheel on round 1 and starts at $5,000. With each spin in round 1 that does not land on the jackpot it is increased by $500. When the player lands on the jackpot wedge and calls out a consonant, each one of them that is in the puzzle will award that player $500. To win the total amount on the jackpot wedge the player must successfully call out a consonant that is on the board, and then solve the puzzle.
    • Mystery - There are two mystery wedges put on the wheel at the beginning of round 2. Each of the mystery wedges has a face value of $1,000 and a mystery value on the back that can either be $10,000 or bankrupt. When a player successfully calls out a consonant on the mystery wedge they can then choose to take the $1,000 face value or whatever is on the back.
    • $1,000,000 - The million dollar wedge is a tricky one to be able to cash in. Once a player lands on it, and successfully calls out a consonant that is in the puzzle, then the wedge is placed in front of that player. In order to move on in the game with the million dollar wedge that same player must also solve that rounds puzzle. If the player successfully acquires the wedge, and then solves the puzzle then the million dollar wedge must be carried on with that player into the bonus round. The million dollar wedge is then turned in and placed on the envelope wheel, which then must be landed on or it is lost. If the player lands on the million dollar envelope, and then goes on to solve the bonus round puzzle then $1,000,000 will be awarded.
    • Prizes - there are various prize wedges placed on the wheel throughout the game. If the player successfully calls out a consonant after landing on the wedge then it is placed in front of that player. If that player then goes on to solve the puzzle then whatever is listed on the wedge will be awarded.
    • Car - Place on the wheel within the first three rounds are two different license plate wedges. In order to win the car a player must acquire both license plate wedges, solving whichever puzzles there were for the respective rounds and not hitting bankrupt.

    Final Spin

    When the fourth round of the game begins Pat Sajak will spin the big wheel. Whatever dollar amount the wheel lands on will be added to $1,000 to make up the total that each consonant letter will be worth. Any vowels chosen will be worth $0.

    Bonus Round

    A Player Winning the Bonus Round
    A Player Winning the Bonus Round

    At the end of the fourth round, the total dollar amount of cash and prize worth is added up to decide which player has the most money. The player that has the most money then moves on to the bonus round.

    The player in the bonus round starts out by spinning a smaller wheel with only 24 wedges, each containing an envelope. Each of these envelopes contains a prize dollar amount.

    Once the envelope has been chosen then the player gets a puzzle to solve. The letters R, S, T, L, N, and E are automatically shown on the puzzle board. The player then gets to choose three more consonants and a vowel to reveal. If the player has acquired a wild card throughout the game, it is used to select an extra letter here.

    Now that all the letters has been revealed the player has a time limit and must solve the puzzle to win the prize money.


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