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Wheelman Review 0

Wheelman offers a great experience early on in the game. Giving you diverse missions and a real fun melee system. Problems occur later on in the game when it gets a bit to messy for its own good. For the most part, Wheelman focuses on a solid driving experience that is reminiscent of the old Driver games. What this game does to separate itself from Driver is taking it to the next level. Instead of simply driving and relying on your own skills as a driver, Wheelman makes you feel like your the k...

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Great stuff! 0

I worked on the game therefore I'm 100% biased. Saying that, I think Wheelman suffered from people who wanted GTA 4 with Vin Diesel. Vin isn't going to jump on the bones of a dirty whore, or shoot the face off a Spanish policeman. The game features a unique vehicle melee mechanic which I think was a fresh approach. I'm proud of the arcade-y roots of the game (given Midway's heritage). It is a shame that the rocky development of the game could have given the gamer a lot more if stuff was executed...

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Manwheel 0

Wheelman looked awesome in previews. Vin Diesel jumping from cars like in the Matrix. Ramming cars. Freaking spinning around cars and BLOWING SHIT UP!! It took everything you wanted to play about car chases and made it ten times more batshit crazy. The third person combat looked wonky, but since the developers promised to focus on vehicular combat that didn't seem to be so much of a liability. All those great videos and previews are probably what made me judge Wheelman a big disappointment. All ...

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Not fast enough. Not furious enough 2

Since the release of The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay on the original Xbox in 2004, Tigon Studios and their founder, Hollywood star - Vin Diesel, have set the standard for videogame movie tie-ins. Their latest project, Wheelman, stars Diesel once again, but takes a very different direction and also produces vastly different results. You play as Milo Burik (Vin Diesel in voice and appearance), an undercover CIA agent and "wheelman," essentially a high-end getaway driver. Your ro...

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From my blog... please check out: 0

Playing a videogame character seems like a perfect fit for burly action buff Vin Diesel – he has little to no personality on the big screen, is known to spout cheesy one-liners and is involved in plenty of nonsensical plots that tend to abandon narrative in favour of the spectacle of impossible stunts. Such stylish stupidity is ripe for videogame adaptation; after all, all videogames remain to be is an outlet for expressing your innermost wishes to do something you could never do in real-life. A...

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