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Coach: Hey, Whispering Oaks! Shit, I used to go there as a kid! 
Nick: Oh, great! Now we can die there as adults.

"Aw, shit! KIDDIELAND! I wanna ride one!"
Before the outbreak, Whispering Oaks was a fun-filled amusement park up near Griffin, Georgia. Guests visited to play games, ride the many attractions, and have a good time. Afterwards, it became another obstacle for fleeing people. At the time when the infection was getting worse, people used the park as a temporary refuge.  
During the Dark Carnival campaign the survivors in Left 4 Dead 2 used it as such after the highway to New Orleans was found to be blocked by abandoned cars. Making their way to, and through, the park they then used the pyrotechnics from a Midnight Riders rock concert, who fled while getting ready for their performance at the park, to attract the attention of a passing evac-chopper. 

Notable Areas

Inside the Stadium
Inside the Stadium
  • Kiddie Land        
  • Tunnel of Love
  • Screaming Oak roller coaster
  • Barns
  • Stadium


Additional Notes

Lil' Peanut
Lil' Peanut
  • The official mascot of Whispering Oaks is a cheery, anthromorphic peanut named Lil' Peanut. Nothing else is known about him other than he is presumably the enemy of the resident strong-man/nut, Moustachio. There are also other unnamed nut-based characters seen around the park.
  • The uncommon common infected in the area is a clown who, when alerted, attracts the hoard because of his squeaky shoes. Also, players get the achievement "Cl0wned" by honking its nose 10 times through meleeing.
  • Whispering Oaks is home to a few carnival-style minigames that players can complete for achievements. One is a strong-man game. ("Gong Show") The next is a wack-a-mole game. ("Stache Wacker") Finally there is a shooting game where players can win a garden gnome that can be 'rescued' from the park by carrying it to the evac chopper at the end. ("Guardin' Gnome". Similar to the gnome-carrying achivement "Little Rocket Man" from Half-Life 2: Episode Two)

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