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    White Forest

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    The Resistance base that Alyx and Gordon flee to after escaping City 17. It it patrolled by the remains of the Combine, and houses the Antlion caves.

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    After City 17 is destroyed at the end of Half Life 2: Episode 1, Gordon and Alyx flee to the White Forest, an area located on the outskirts of City 17.  They soon flee to the Antlion caves, a large cave system that serves as a sort of breeding ground for the Antlions.  Deep into the caves they meet a group of two resistance members who are stationed there, and they help Gordon and Alyx escape.  The White Forest is characterized by having remains of human society before the invasion all scattered around the area.  Resistance members are stationed around the forest, but must remain on high alert because of the surviving Combine forces marching through the forest.  
    After Alyx and Gordon arrive at the rebel base in White Forest, they are soon attacked by a large group of the remaining Combine forces.  After fighting a large, expansive area, featuring many buildings including a sawmill and water tower, the Combine decide to retreat.  This allows the group to launch a missile into the giant Combine portal and supposedly halt the Combine invasion of Earth. 

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