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    A man whose wife has died.

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    A widower is a man who has outlived his deceased wife; the male equivalent of a widow. The concept of widower is not uncommon in video games, as such characters are frequently made protagonists or otherwise important characters in stories in which they must either avenge or overcome the death of their wives. In some cases, such a motivation causes the character to become an antagonist in the game's story.


    Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4

    Ryotaro Dojima, the uncle of the protagonist Yu Narukami in Persona 4, is a police detective whose wife was killed years earlier in a hit-and-run. Forced to take care of his daughter Nanako by himself, he dedicates his energy toward finding his wife's killer, but in the process makes Nanako feel neglected. With Yu's help, he is able to patch up his relationship with his daughter.

    Final Fantasy VI

    Cyan Garamonde, a loyal knight of Doma in Final Fantasy VI, is also the husband of Elaine and father of a young boy, Owain. However, his wife and child both perish after Kefka poisons Doma's water supply. The normally serene soldier becomes thirsty for revenge, but is eventually able to come to terms with his family's deaths before his desire for vengeance becomes all-consuming.

    Asura's Wrath

    Early in the game Asura's Wrath, Asura is betrayed by his comrades and framed for the murder of Emperor Strada. Upon his escape, he rushes home only to find that his wife Durga has been gravely wounded, and that their daughter Mithra has been kidnapped. Durga dies in Asura's arms, fueling his rage and desire for revenge.


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