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    Wii Fit U

    Game » consists of 9 releases. Released Nov 01, 2013

    Wii Fit U introduces new features such as Gym Communities that lets people discuss their exercise progress online but still privately, GamePad support for select activities and the Fit Meter, a peripheral tracking lots of data that can be transferred to the Wii U game.

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    Wii Fit U is a new Wii Fit co-developed by Nintendo's EAD Kyoto Group No. 5 and Ganbarion for the Wii U. Like the previous Wii Fit games, it will be compatible with the Wii Balance Board peripheral. New in this version is the ability to transfer data from a Wii Fit Meter about the player's physical activities during their daily routine into the game via the GamePad's IR-port.

    Wii Fit U will also be the first Wii U title to have Gym Communities in Miiverse that work similar to communities in Mario Kart 7 which any user could create and then everyone who had the ID could join. In Wii Fit U, these communities can be used to talk about one's fitness progress privately with trusted people.

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    On November 1st a trial version of Wii Fit U was released on the Nintendo eShop. This allows any owners of the Wii Balance Board to preview the game for 31 days. Nintendo also had a promotion in which between November 1 and January 31, 2014 you can purchase a Wii Fit Meter and once synced to the trail version it voids the time limit to unlock Wii Fit U forever.


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