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Well from the release of the wii and its inclusion of wii sports there was great interest in the possibility of a solution to the ‘video games make kids fat’ debates raging on I’m sure both in America as here in the UK, But those industrious little fellows seem to have that covered with wii fit, the compendium of mini games which are designed to show just how unfit you actually are.

The “game” starts off by giving you a fitness and balance test, weighs you and then asks you to set a goal which you know your no going to stick to! From here you can begin exercising (yes that’s right working out in front of a tele… four horsemen anyone???) the workouts are broken down into four separate categories; Yoga (loose pants are a must!), Strength Training (FEEL THE BURN!), Aerobics (breathe) and Balance games (great fun) all are designed in different ways and all make great use of the wii fit board.

The game has a really good reward system as well… the more you put in the more you get out, both in fitness and rewards of new exercises and games to play.

The only real problem I’ve found with it is supply, they’re almost impossible to get your hands on them and £70 is pretty expensive for a game with low quality graphics and some bathroom scales, it’s a lot of money to pay to find out your over weight and out of balance.

Anyway in conclusion it’s a great thing to have like the wii, your always going to get some fun out of it, but if your serious about getting fit, you can get a gym membership for less than £70 to be honest. I would have given it 4 stars but Nintendo have screwed up their supplies again.

Oh! And don’t wear socks when doing the step aerobics, I nearly broke my neck.

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