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    Wii Party

    Game » consists of 10 releases. Released Jul 08, 2010

    Essentially Mario Party without the Mario, Wii Party is a minigame collection from Nintendo as part of their larger Wii series that includes Wii Sports and Wii Fit.

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    Wii Party is a party game released on October 3, 2010. Miis are used as playable characters. Satoru Iwata confirmed that over 160 million Miis have been cobbed together between Japan, U.S., and Europe, stating that it's a natural move for these characters to be fully usable in a game. In addition to the standalone release, the game was available in a bundle including a Wii Remote.

    As of March 31 2016, Wii Party has sold 9.22 million copies worldwide.


    "We're not going to Guam, are we?"

    Wii Party features various multiplayer modes for up to 4 players along with a single player mode.

    There are "Party Games" such as Board Game Island, Bingo, Globe Trot, Mii of a Kind and Spin-Off. "Pair Games" are for two players - just in case it wasn't clear what constitutes a pair - and include more than a mere pair of modes with Balance Boat, Friend Connection and Match-Up. Finally, "House Party" for 2 to 4 players (that must be a small house, eh?) will only offer games that use the Wii Remote.

    Game Modes

    Party Games (1-4 players)

    Board Game Island (45 minutes)

    Up to four players can participate in this race to the top of the island where the first one to reach the top wins! to accomplish this feat, a player must roll a die and partake in different styles of minigames. First to third get a bonus die.

    Globe Trot (60 minutes)

    To advance, players must select a card that gives them a random number. They advance and usually have to play minigames. Winning a minigame wins players coins that let them purchase a vehicle card and take the plane or boat. After 10 turns, a hotspot appears. Players must race to the hotspot to get a souvenir photo. Whoever has the most souvenir photos at the end of the game wins.

    Swap Meet (30-45 minutes)

    Each player has a pool of 8 Miis is 2 rows of 4. Miis appear in the center of the screen and players take turns swapping Miis in and out of their pools. Players who manage to have a row of Miis with same colored shirts wins points. The winner is the player who has the most points at the end of the game.

    Spin Off (30 minutes)

    In this game mode, all the players are standing on a giant, game show style, spinning wheel. The wheel spins, handing out medals and taking medals from players, usually through minigames. The wheel also lets players put medals in the bank where they cannot be taken. After 10 turns, overtime is declared and all must fight over one minigame for their medals. The player with the most medals out of the bank wins.

    Bingo (15 minutes)

    Bingo plays like regular bingo where a player wins when he gets a line of, in this case, Miis. Mii balls fall from the bingo machine and when a player has the Mii that was on the ball, they cross off that Mii from their bingo card. However, when a minigame ball falls out of the machine, players play a minigame and the winner gets to cross out whichever Mii he or she wants.

    Pair Games (2 Player)

    Friend Connection (5 minutes)

    2 players must answer several friend connection questions about each other. One friend chooses his answer without telling his friend with the d-pad while his friend must guess it. Their are also friend connection minigames where the two players must cooperate to accomplish a minigame. At the end of the event, the game calculates the Friend Connection score.

    Balance Boat (5-15 minutes)

    Two players must balance Miis on the spares of a boat. There are 3 spars on the boat, each of different color. Players must balance the boat by putting Miis of matching colors on the spars. Some Miis are bigger than others, making the ordeal more complicated. If the players manage to successfully balance the boat without tipping it over, they win.

    Match Up (15 minutes)

    Miis are seen walking through a plaza and players must match them according to their shirt color to score points. However, players cannot see the shirt color until they move their cursor over the Mii. Players have three hearts and they lose a heart every time a Mii they could've matched leaves, making for a challenging minigame.

    House Party (4 players)

    Animal Tracker (5 minutes)

    4 Wii Remotes are needed for this minigame. Four Wii Remotes are laid out in front of the players. Each Wii Remote makes a different barn animal sound. Players must be the quickest to grab the Wii Remote that corresponds with the animal on screen to win a point. The firs player to win 3 points wins the game.

    Hide 'n' Hunt (15 minutes)

    One player hides the Wii Remotes and the other players must find them. The Wii Remotes beep every 10 seconds.

    Time Bomb (5 minutes)

    Players pass a Wii Remote between each other, like a bomb. If the Wii Remote is shaken too hard, it will explode. If the player does not press the indicated button in time on the Wii Remote, it will explode. If when the player passes the Wii Remote, he lets go of the button, it will explode. The winner is the last surviving player.


    In Japan, the game sold over 230,000 units on its first week, making it the best game sold that week.

    Bundle Box Set

    Japanese bundle with pink Wiimote.
    Japanese bundle with pink Wiimote.

    In most Regions, Wii Party was released in a bundle which included:

    • Wii Remote (black or white)
    • Wii Party (Game)
    • Multi-Language Instruction & Safety Booklet
    • Wii Remote Skin

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