Push over Mario it is time for the Miis to PARTY!

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Yep you read it right. Nintendo just announced "Wii Party" a party game starring the Miis that judging the screens keeps the Mario Party structure. The game is set to release this year in Japan. No word of when the other regions will see it but there is no reason to think that it will not eventually be released in the other territories.
Nintendo North America commented that more information about Wii Party will be revealed June 14th at E3 2010

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YES, ANOTHER PARTY GAME ON WII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I wonder if they are going to bundle any thing with this game like a Wii Remote or Motion Plus.

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Very true that there are a lot of party games on the wii but how many of those are actually good? The only series that I like is the Raving Rabbis series the rest is pretty much garbage. I'm really looking foreward to this actually. Nintendo knows what fun is afterall. Shame that they did not know what music was ^^
Main thing that is spinning around in my head right now is how I'll be seeing all the Miis on my system falling down things. Pro Evo had a feature that you could use your Miis as players and me and my friends had a ton of fun commentating the matches. I'm sure that with this game it will be even better. 

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But I have a feeling this will stay in Japan for some dumb reason.

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Cool. I'll play it.

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