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    Wii Play Motion

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Jun 13, 2011

    A new Wii Play game featuring 12 mini-games requiring the Wii Motion Plus. Comes Bundled with a Wii Remote Plus.

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    Wii Play Motion is the most recent installment in the Wii games series. It is a collection of mini games designed specifically for the Wii Motion Plus accessory. There are a total of twelve mini games in the package all utilizing Wii Motion Plus and your Mii. All copies of the game come bundled with Wii Remote Plus controllers.

    As of April 2012, the game has sold 1.26 million units worldwide.

    The Games

    Cone Zone

    That's way too much ice cream
    That's way too much ice cream

    Cone zone is a simple game where the player must try to balance ice cream with the Wii Motion Plus without dropping the ice cream. the more scoops that are balanced the higher your score.

    Veggie Guardin'

    Veggie Gaurdin' is, basically, whack a mole for the Wii. The goal is to whack as many moles in the allotted time without missing too much or accidentally hitting a Mii, which is minus 20 to your score. Certain moles have hard hats and need to be whacked twice to get rid of them and other special moles are like bonuses to your score: You can hit them many times and get points for each hit.

    Skip Skimmer

    Skip Skimmer is a mini game that challenges the player to skip a stone as many times as it can in one throw. You also can pick the stone that you want to throw so you can see how flat the stone is the flatter the better. Also, the game can breakdown your throws and show you how to improve your them.

    Pose Mii Plus


    Pose Mii Plus is a game that asks you to take the Wii remote and you turn it to make your Mii fit through cutouts. The more cutouts you get through the higher your score becomes.

    Trigger Twist

    Tirgger Twist is a shooter of sorts. In the game the player must shoot at different targets to score points. There are several different themes such as ninjas for example In which you must hurl shurikens at ninjas to defeat them.

    Jump Park

    In Jump Park you have to tilt the Wii remote to aim where your Mii is going to jump when he lands. While in the air the player must collect gems to finish the level in the shortest amount of time possible.

    Teeter Targets

    In Teeter Targets the player ha to hold the controller NES style and tilt it to launch balls at targets. hitting multiple targets in a row will grant the player more points. Let a ball drop and the player loses five points.

    Spooky Search

    This game is similar to Trigger Twist, but there are several differences. The games takes advantage of the Wii motion plus controller's speaker. You have to grab ghosts and drag them towards the t.V. The uniqueness of it is that the ghosts aren't on your screen you have to point the Wii remote around the room your in to find them. You'll hear a beep and the louder and more constant the beep the closer you are to the ghosts. The more ghosts you collect the higher your score becomes.

    Wind Runner

    Wind Runner is a game that has the player use the Wii remote to control their Mii on a race course to collect gems. To maintain speed the player move the controller parallel to the direction of the wind. The more gems you collect the higher your score.

    Treasure Twirl

    In Treasure Twirl the player has to twist and move the Wii remote to keep a crate of treasure level until they reach the water's surface. Along the way the player can encounter obstacles such as jellyfish or blow fish. The more treasure the player has in their crate at the end the higher their score.

    Flutter Fly

    In this game the player has to fan a balloon with the Wii remote to reach the end of a level. This is a race so the first person to finish wins. Each course has several obstacles including birds, bricks, and spikes.

    Star Shuttle

    Maj. Tom to ground control
    Maj. Tom to ground control

    In this game the player has to maneuver a space ship onto a target with the nose of the ship facing the target and touching it. The ship has six different thrusters to move with. Again, this is a race to see how fast you can land your ship perfectly onto the designated target.


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