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Wii Play is a $10 game and a Wii Remote at regular price.

Wii Play is the game you play when you are out of your mind, drunk, or extremely bored. Some the games in Wii Play are fair to play, but it's all flash and absolutely no substance. The games are very basic and can get old very quick. I give Wii Play a 2.5/5 because you can get a better game for $10 on the Wii Shop Channel. I do feel sorry for those who do not have an Internet connection on the Wii because there is alot to miss out on. Anyways, If you are considering on buying Wii Play, keep in mind that you are getting a fair $10 game with a Wii Remote at regular price.

There are only three games that stand out to me in Wii Play which is the Shooting Range, Laser Hockey, and Tanks. I like the Shooting Range because it reminds me of Duck Hunt on the NES. Laser Hockey is usually ok to play ,and I consider it to be a nice twist to Pong. Tanks is a good game to play and it makes good use of the Wii Remote and Nunchuck. The Cow Racing Game is the same track and pattern every time so that's why this particular game is not on the top 3. Games like Billiards, Table Tennis, and Fishing is cheap feeling and is put together very quickly at the last minute. Find Mii and Pose Mii are the worst games to play on Wii Play due to the fact that it's too childish, cheap, and annoying. Wii Play could of been so much more than what it is.

The price tag on this game might be high, but if you have $49.99 to buy this game with the *Wii Remote included*, then buy it. Otherwise, try to get yourself a LAN adapter or a router for an Internet connection. Trust me, it's worth it!

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