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Wii Sports Club acts as a hub from which you can purchase and access the different sports available on the eShop. At launch, Tennis and Bowling will be available at $9.99 each as a permanent purchase or both for $1.99 in a day pass valid for 24 hours with unlimited access to all available titles (will later include more games).


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All five original disciplines from Wii Sports have been enhanced for Wii Sports Club with HD visuals, new textures, Wii Motion Plus controls, Miiverse integration and online multiplayer. Another new addition are the online clubs. Players are automatically entered into clubs based on their geographical location and can then compete casually within their own club or in ranked matches for high scores among the rival clubs. Also, Miiverse lets players comment on matches during breaks.

Content Updates

On March 14, 2014 Nintendo issued a free update that added the "Resort Course," the nine-hole course from Wii Sports Resort to Wii Sports Club: Golf. This brings the total number of holes to play up to 27

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