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A Resort Worth Going To... 3

If you ever played a Wii at least once throughout its lifespan so far, chances are you played Wii Sports, which is arguably the perfect pack-in game for a console like Nintendo's Wii. You were likely hanging out with family or friends trying to beat them at bowling, tennis, golf, or baseball. As much of a phenomenon Wii Sports is for the past three years especially among the casual audience, there is more what Nintendo could do to make it a definitive experience for the Wii, which is why the seq...

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A fantastic example of how good the Wii and Wii MotionPlus can be 5

When I went out and bought Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10, I was more excited for the Wii MotionPlus inside than I was for the actual game. I knew that golf wasn’t my favorite game genre, but hoped that the great controls, stunning realism and feature set would in the end be worth it. After all, the game’s $40 when you take into account the WM+ being included. When I began to play the game itself, I couldn’t find any real flaws with it, and I still enjoy playing it today, but it isn’t the most fun I’ve...

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This Resort Is Worth The Price Of Admission 2

During the past few years, video game fans have grown accustomed to the terms 'casual' and 'hardcore.'   Some gamers despise these terms, while others wear their badge with pride.   One company who is famous for its Italian plumbers is primarily responsible for this shift in gamer demographics.   Nintendo, or the Big N, felt that its destiny was to draw in new players through simpler technology.    One way in which they accomplished this is through motion controls.   With Wiimote waggle and co...

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It's A Step Up From the Original, But is That Enough? 0

  The Wii has a giant list of different of controllers and periphals that have been released for it, and Wii MotionPlus is no exception. I could be wrong, but I'm betting that if Nintendo wanted the Wiimote to be like this when it the Wii was first shipped, they could have. But they didn't want to because they could make $20 off of one of these dumb things by making the Wiimote a piece of crap from the start.  The thing about Wii Sports Resort that you need to understand is that it's really o...

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Something for everyone 0

The original Wii Sports may not have been the most engaging game ever made, but it was a fantastic pack-in for Nintendo's then new console. It showed off what the Wii was capable of, and made the experience attractive and accessible to a wide variety of people. Wii Sports Resort is much the same, as it introduces the power of the Wii Motion Plus in a tidy and accessible package, yet remains relatively shallow all the while. It's still a worthy multiplayer experience, however, making Wii Sports R...

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You really can't go wrong here 0

Wii sports resort is the follow up to the original game bundled with the Wii at launch. I'm sure everyone remembers playing Tennis for the first time and raving about the Wii before the novelty eventually wore off and we were left clamoring for infrequent good Wii releases mixed in with mounds of "casual gaming" shovelware.  Well fortunately this game brings the Wii back to doing what it does best, which is using the motions of the remote for sports games conducive to it. You definitely get a pa...

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Cute and Engaging 0

Wii Sports Resort is a cute little game that utilizes the Wii MotionPlus and the Mii's that you create as you explore the various activities of Wuhu Island. I enjoy the fact that I can get a workout just by playing. My favorite sports include swordplay, archery, wake-boarding, canoeing, and table tennis. Taking pictures while skydiving was pretty comical as well. The graphics are actually pretty good for a Wii game. Some sports I would have liked to see in the game are baseball, soccer, football...

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An Adequate Showing 1

Wii Sports Resort is fun. As a goal, I always thought that Nintendo made the original Wii Sports to showcase what the hardware could do and provide a simple, yet entertaining, game that could be used to draw in the casual audience. The sequel is no different in that respect. The mini-games have easily learned controls, yet have little nuances that core gamers can pick up to give themselves an 'edge' (curving in Table Tennis and well-timed counters in Swordplay come to mind).  The Wii MotionPlus ...

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An Entirely Unnecessary and Shallow 'Sequel' 6

 “If you’re nine, easily entertained, are looking for nothing more then quick thrills that you’ll regret paying for the next day and want it all cheap, then I suggest paying for sexual favors.”                                        In a sentence (or two):  Wii Sports Resort is an entirely unnecessary sequel -- or rather, clone -- to the original, offering little more then variations on the theme. An obvious cash grab, aimed directly at the wallets of families suffering through the financial cri...

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After the boys of summer have gone 0

  “The MotionPlus is here! The MotionPlus is here! The Wii is saved! We now have full one-to-one controls! The MotionPlus is the future of gaming! All rejoice! Run, don’t walk, to your nearest Walmart and buy four MotionPluses with matching jackets and gather around the sensation of the summer, Wii Sports Resort, as the Wii once again revolutionizes gaming!” …is what I may have said if Wii Sports Resort was my first exposure to the MotionPlus, the little adaptor that transforms the Wiimote into ...

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Who said budget holidays arnt fun? 0

Wii Sports has always been the best game on the Wii for me sure if I were to review all the games Mario Galaxy and others may come on top but overall it had to be the best. As soon as anyone wanted to play on the Wii you put it in because thats what people wanted a simple game that made you feel like your swinging a tennis racket or throwing a ball. After a while though people start to notice this isn't really doing what I am hence the biggest apology in history the WiiMotionPlus with Wii Sports...

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Wii Sports Resort Video Review 2

  The Wii Motion Plus game you've been waiting for is here but was it worth the wait? Chris Phillips is back once again with another video review, this time Chris is taking a look at Wii Sports Resort with the new Wii Motion Plus.    Check out our Video Review.  ...

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The island is nice 0

I have all three systems and the Wii does not get much play at all. The only time I play the Wii is with my family and Wii Resort is perfect for me, my wife and my five year old. All the core gamers down play the Wii because it does not have Gears or Halo type games. We need to get over it; the Wii is not made to play those types of games. I look at the Wii to play games that the family can get together and have a family night. I play the Wii with my parents, niece, and my wife’s family. Wii Re...

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The perfect blend of accessibility and depth. 0

I've made no secret of the fact that I think Nintendo's latest accessory, the Wii Motion Plus, is something that could really improve the Wii. It's really the first time that something has been released that could really substantially improve a platform wiithout the need for a completely new console. The device has already had uses in two games from EA Sports in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 and the excellent Grand Slam Tennis. Now it's time for Nintendo to put it's new toy to good use with Wii ...

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Provides a surprising amount of fun and lasting value 0

I wish that we could go back in time and see how the Wii would have turned out if it had more horsepower and if it had started with Motion Plus. It could have been a much better console. Instead, the combination of badly outdated technology and poor controls turned the Wii into little more than a Gamecube with a gimmicky peripheral. Wii Sports Resort and the Motion Plus came out too late in the life cycle for this console, but that shouldn't stop you from picking up this combination. The Motion ...

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With MotionPlus at the head, Resort is big on precision and fun. 0

 The Wii is the object of insult more often than it ought to be in this generation, because people see the console's games that sell well and simply laugh. Mediocre minigame collections and unpolished 'family-friendly games' make it to the top sales charts so frequently, while quality titles such as Zack & Wiki and Okami don't get the attention they deserve. Wii Sports Resort ought to gather that same sort of ridicule, but while Nintendo may be a little lazy and big on quick cash-ins this ge...

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Too Easy 3

some people think this is fun well i dont think it is fun because there is no challange to the game this game is way too easy!!!!!!!! it needs to become harder or this game will flop . wii sports was great wii fit was great and challanging but wii sports resort just sucks because it is way too easy i got bored of it in 2 hours. it had nothing good all it had was new games but the same old stinkin miis like that just sucks so wii sports resort is a no on my list....

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More Sports in this Resort 0

      After a preview of this hyped game a E3 people couldn't wait for this Smash hit to come out in stores, the new variety of sports in this game is great, but does it live up to the potential.                Positive: Huge amount of sportsA lot of contentLooks beautifulControls are sharpGreat narrating and background of eventsIdeas executed wellWii motion plus                       Negative: Messy gameplayToo sensitiveSome boring events             Overall a great well-thought out game for th...

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Wii Sports Resort Review 0

Wii Sports Resort is Nintendo's revamped Wii Sports game with the addition of the Wii-Motion Plus controls. Right off the bat you're going to need the Wii-Motion Plus, so unless you plan on playing solo you're going to have to buy an extra one when you get this game. You'll be offered 12 different types of games, and each of those games has at least 1 additional gameplay mode to unlock. The only two games that survived the transition over to Resort are bowling and golf (this one being my least f...

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Wii Sports Resort user review 0

Wii Sports Resort brings 10 new "sports" to the Wii Sports franchise, plus Motion Plus-compatible updates of Golf and Bowling. Most of the new events are pretty good and make great use of the Motion Plus, which works exactly how you want it to work. The Sword Play and Table Tennis events demonstrate the improved motion sensing capabilities of the Motion Plus better than anything else, with the angle and direction you move the Wii-mote being replicated brilliantly. Wii Sports is still one of the...

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Wii sports Resort uses the great future of Wii motion plus 0

Gameplay :Have you ever bought Wii motion plus and tried to know the difference with and without wii motion plus well this game shows it well how the motion plus works for all mini games and its way more precise in the way of the sensitivity of the controller and how every movements have been one on one. Ping pong,golf,and all the games are fun and use the wii motion plus very well. I've spent a lot of times on the mini games to beat all of them to know the true use of the motion plus and any ga...

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The lack of depth is shadowed by the amount of fun you have. 0

 Your Mii is sitting down on the bench of an airplane, awaiting his death defying jump. As you press the A button, your Mii makes a leap out of the plane, thus giving you a birds eye view of the vibrant and wonderful Wuhu Island. You try to link with other Mii's as you fly towards the glassy water surrounding this tropical island. Suddenly all the Mii's pull their parachutes, greatly reducing their speed. After this short introduction, the game selection screen appears and Wii Sports Resort begi...

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The overall package is a ton of fun and shouldn’t be missed if yo 0

I got my copy on release date 7-26-09 (which includes a Wii Motion Plus), and man, people must be expecting this bad boy to SELL. I thought I would have a hard time finding it like most Nintendo products on release day, but stepping in to Target, it was obvious, this game is probably everywhere. Why? I didn’t have to go to the gaming section, a huge stack was sitting at the front of the checkout isles, you know, the impulse product spots….that’s just insane to me. But it must’ have worked becaus...

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