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Wii Sports

Wii sports is the first game that you will ever get on the Wii because, well, it's free!

Wii sports is obviously a sports game where you take part in lots of different sporting events with your Wii remote and occasionly Nunchuk. These events include Tennis, Baseball, Golf, Bowling and Boxing. Boxing is the only one which uses the Nunchuk.

The controls are perfect apart from boxing which is still great fun but you have to really punch the Wiimote and Nunchuk quite hard for it to actully pick up the signal. The bowling is probably the best as you do really feel as if your bowling because you actully do what you would in a real bowling match.

There are some nice little gimmicks that are in there too, such as a fitness test were it tells you your fitness age, 20 is the best you can get. Also another nice thing is that you are able to do all types of events to do with the certain sports you play, for instance, in a boxing game you have to see how many punchbags you can destroy beffore the timer runs out.

Unfortunatley there is no story mode in it at all so all you can do is try to beat your high scores.

All-in-all Wii sports is a fun game and although it suffers from flaws it's not too bad as it come free with the Wii! 3 STARS!

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