Developers coding for three systems now... :(

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One of my biggest concerns is of the additional strain that this Wii U might put on developers.  Now, to make the biggest bang for the buck, more third parties will feel the need to release titles to all three systems (at least until the 720/ps4 gets released). 
Sure, you have people like Rockstar who can manage to balance a truly wonderful product over 2 platforms, and yes Activition will release their games on everything cause they only care about the bottom line... but it takes a lot of people to bring a xbox lead onto the ps3 and vise versa.  I worry that this will further sacrifice time that could be spent on polishing the final product.   
There is no question in my mind that there is a reason that some of the best titles out there are console exclusive.   
Maybe very large developers will be able to have the man power needed to release games to all three and still deliver what we want, but what about up and coming companies who will feel pressure to do the same? 
That being said I am still interested about what the Wii U will bring to the table.

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It's nothing to worry about for Microsoft gamers because MS will continue to money-hat developers into focusing on their platform, and that's where the money is in the US.

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Meh. Developers made games for three platforms during the GCN/PS2/XBOX era, and things turned out fine.

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Whoops, wrong topic. I don't really see how this is a bad thing. Good exclusive games come from 3rd parties all the time. Sure, its not quite as often as it used to be, but look at the personas and the like.

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Why would it be a concern? If one puts more money onto different platforms, it'll sell more copies.

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Some of the best games out there are also multi-platform, and the same could be said for the PS2, Xbox, Gamecube era.

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Don't think Nintendo Architecture is going to be as complicated as the Playstation 3's Cell proccesor.    Nintendo usually goes with a more tradiontal cpu gpu combo like the xbox, so if it's an xbox game it'll probably be easy to port over to Nintendo minus the interface changes they want to make for the Nintendo console.

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Most developers use engines that function pretty well across all platforms already and I imagine that Nintendo would try to make their new system easy to develop for. It's in their best interest to provide as much third-party support as possible. I don't expect that it's going to be a huge issue really. If anything it'll just give more jobs to studios that handle porting games from platform to platform.

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Same here I don't want the same problem we have with some games of Xbox first port on the PS3 that really annoys me. I really hope that games will run properly on the Wii U and that we can all just enjoy these games how they should be. If not now then maybe good ports on the next gen??

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@somejerk said:

                    It's nothing to worry about for Microsoft gamers because MS will continue to money-hat developers into focusing on their platform, and that's where the money is in the US.



Proof of this? Does Sony also pay for every exclusive game or exclusive content like you imply that MS does?
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I don't think this is as much of a problem as you're fearing. Platforms (excluding the cell) and engines are designed to be flexible and make this stuff easier than it would be otherwise.

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devs were making games for three platforms since the psx/n64/saturn days. what's the big deal?

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As long as they don't feel obligated to make the touchscreen manage some critical component of gameplay I think it will be just fine. Multiplatform games have been around for a loooong time. Oh, and MS won't use "720" unless they want to have a name even more stupid than Wii U.

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