HDMI to DVI with audio

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Hi guys,

I am on the verge of picking up a Wii U. One obstacle is that I do not have a TV. I currently use my PC monitor (DVI) for the playstation 3. The current setup is a HDMI to dvi cable from PS3 to the monitor, and then using the red and white parts of the ps3 composite cables from the PS3 to my PC speakers.

I have read that some people have problems applying this setup (in particular, getting audio to work) to the Wii U. Has anybody tried to to do?Thanks in advance.

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I'm fairly sure the Wii is HDMI only, although that could be completely wrong... I'm too lazy to check my Wii U. You can probably check if this is possible by going in the Wii U settings and seeing if you can split the audio and video settings ala the PS3. In the PS3 you can tell the system where to get the video signal and where to get audio. If you can do that on the Wii U then I don't think it'll be a problem.

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